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Gevalia Kaffe repackaged ground coffee


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Gunther Toodys: 五十年 代的主题餐饮店


Sat Jan 21 2012

My Yelp Review:

If you crave greasy diner food and nostalgia with 50’s themed props and costume, this is the place to check out. The set-up is not that different from Johnny Rockets, maybe with a little less pricey menu.

To break it down, the The Hang Ten Burger is very similar to Red Robbin’s Banzai burger, but it can’t even compete, that’s why I couldn’t understand why my boyfriend would even consider ordering that, after having tried it at Red Robin’s and knowing how good it is. We ask to upgrade our fries to the Elvis fries, meh, not that special. Probably wiser to stay with regular fries because their sweet potato fries are really good. Probably the best I’ve ever had. Thin cut almost like McDonald’s fries, they were very crispy all the way through. They were alongside a Monte Cristo sandwich which was so doughy you could taste the baking soda! But my first time trying a fried sandwich dipped in jelly was still a somewhat great experience!

To balance it a little, we asked for a Popeye salad, the ingredients were great but the dressing sucked – too tangy, all you taste was sour, sour, sour. Couldn’t really savor it, downed the veggies with a frown. However, the Jalapeno Cornbread Muffin that came with the salad was delish! One of the best I’ve had. The sweet and savory and spicy flavors were held in very well with a perfectly baked cornbread muffin. Mmmmmm, if they have a drive-thru, I’d be using it for just the muffins and sweet potato fries.

We couldn’t leave without trying the shake. Maybe it was wrong to get a fancy Fudge Brownie Shake? Everybody here says the basic chocolate shake is very good. But I remember having much better shakes at Chili’s and Cheeburger Cheeburger.

Andy今天生日,本来在他家有个party,结果无端取消。也罢,正好有张团购券将要过期,想带老爸去见识一下Gunther Toodys diner:一家五十年代主题的典型美国餐饮店。唉,现在的男人都特别扭,到了中午他才说胃不舒服不想去,叫我带妈妈去好了。其实两年前我就跟老妈和大头来过了。

看过六人行的人都应该记得Monica认识那个有点自虐倾向的百万富翁时期在一间叫Moondance Diner的餐厅打工,戴着假发和假胸,还被逼穿溜冰鞋和在柜台上跳YMCA. Gunther Toodys就是差不多这样的一间连锁Diner (米国的重要饮食文化之一;Diner:最早期指快餐车,后来进化到所谓的廉价餐厅;到现在还是有固定的菜式让人一看菜单就知道是Diner!)







照片看不出来,牛肉和芝士中间还夹了块菠萝的,目的是让汉堡更多汁。想学人家Red Robins的Banzai Burger呢。可人家那个除了菠萝还有秘制的酱料充当“润湿”,比它好吃10倍!薯条我也要了升级版的,名叫The Elvis (难道是猫王最爱这样吃法?) 脆脆的薯条上淋满了Gravy肉汁和溶掉的碎芝士。搞屁啊,这样薯条不就变软了!?后来上网查了一下,加拿大发明的这种吃法,叫Poutine,那个才是正宗豪华版的。GT的太过牵强。

Diner food就是煎炸物多,横竖横的我们就给它来多一盘。这个叫Monte Cristo,米国版的Croque Monsieur(有名的法国三明治)。没吃过后者,用前者充当一下。概念跟西多士差不多,两片面包夹着ham and turkey然后点满鸡蛋再放到油里炸,蘸果酱吃。又咸又甜的肥死人不偿命玩意儿:

结论是我还得到别的地方尝试Monte Cristo,GT的苏打粉味太重,三明治本来的味道都被遮盖了,可惜呀。值得欣慰的是炸甜薯(地瓜)条很不错。这个不好做,因为地瓜本来就比马铃薯湿,很多餐厅都选择切粗条,中间炸不透,整个儿软啪啪的怪恶心。GT的切得跟麦当劳的薯条差不多,根根儿都炸得脆卜卜的,洒些他们自制的Seasoning(调味粉),口感甚佳!

终于吃到一样好的了。最后上来的菠菜沙拉用料听起来都很不错,可惜沙拉酱太酸,吃得我们眉头拧紧。幸好附送的Cornbread Muffin(玉米面包松饼)很好吃!哈哈,可是里面呀,含了Jalapeno(墨西哥辣椒),老妈不知道,啃到一小块,辣得差点哭出来!我学乖了,先把绿色的辣椒粒抠出来再慢慢品尝黄油香和玉米香十足的甜滋滋的松饼和辣椒的余辣碰撞出来的鲜味,一点都不夸张!





For your brain… I guess

You may not find it challenging at all!
Say a plane departs from point A with a destination of point B, 200 miles away. Halfway there, the pilot finds that he is one mile off course. He makes a correction and flies directly to point B. How much extra distance did he fly by being off course?
A) 1/100 of a mile
B) one mile
C) two miles
D) 20 miles
The answer is1/100 of a mile. The pilot had flown about 100.005 miles (the square root of 100 squared + 1 squared) at the halfway point. So he had flown 200.01 miles by the time he got to the destination.



Like my new blog theme? I do! Can’t wait to continue writing my “diary”. In the past two months, many things have happened, I even went and got my ears pierced (on April 19, 2008)! Saw a lot of movies, attended my cousin and Tracy’s wedding, went places, finally got back in touch with Ayuer, etc. etc.

What can be expected from this new phase of my blog? Less movie/music critiques, as I became more active in the online community DouBan which is designed just for movie/music/books. Unless it’s something I am eager to comment on. Hopefully less “beauty products” but more “beauty tips”. Hmm, I’d still like to continue taking pictures of food and restaurants, but probably not crazy like before. Definitely more pictures and thoughts about other things. Notice the name of the blog is still “LS Loves….”? It’ll remain as my “happy diary”!



想说偏不信邪,不会有什么本命年犯太岁之说,可是最近还真是当黑。工作上转正的事总是好事多磨;就连我平时最喜欢做的事 – shopping – 也都会出状况。昨晚真是把我气死。我到 Best Buy 买电影DVD,有个优惠是必须买指定的两张电影的,可是我找来找去只看到其中一张。后来拉了个店员询问。不知道这些年纪小小的店员是不是最近因为过节很忙而被找来替工的,居然什么都不会!而且表现出很懒散的态度。我要的东西他当然找不到啦(或者是根本没找过!)。又怕过了这个礼拜优惠就会没有了,所以我叫他给我一张 rain check。他不单不会弄,更不会用!磨蹭了好久,终于印出来了。他叫我去问怎么使用这张 rain check,居然没有人懂!你说失望不失望!唉,算了,自认倒霉,花了时间花了汽油来到店里什么都买不成。

这些都算了,离开的时候倒霉到防盗系统居然响了!!天知道我什么都没做。那个可恶的店员却带着怀疑的眼光问我进来的时候有没有响,我说没有,你可以检查我的袋子。她说她不能这么做,但很奇怪为什么别人的都没有响。我再问她会不会是那张rain check导致的,她斩钉截铁地说不会而且他们的系统绝无问题。我真是又气又委屈,又好笑。前者是在这么多人的注目下,我又是一个黄皮肤的亚洲人,别人会怎么想?后者是她实在自相矛盾了。如果防盗系统响了,他们怀疑但又不检查包包,那不是说如果有人真的偷了东西也可以就这样溜掉吗?我想她是知道我什么都没拿但又想找我麻烦所以才这样的。因为她如果检查我的包包又找不到任何东西的话她就得向我道歉。
离开了之后我越想越生气,气自己没有立马把经理喊出来。不过想想,如果经理出来后态度不好或不屑一顾的话不是更难看?所以我决定打电话投诉。在电话里我对着经理臭骂了一顿他的夥计,他虽然有一点点不屑一顾,不过还是得向我赔不是,哼,不爽的话就找你的员工算账啊!最后我撂下一句话: Best Buy 让我太失望,请把我rain check上order的cancel掉,我到别的店买。哈哈,我的气终于顺了!

funny about Paris


Just read on an US Weekly issue that a study at McGill University in Montreal showed that in a presence of a full-body cardboard cutout of Paris Hilton, male mice that have just received painful injections seemed to have some degree of pain reduction as seen from their licking their wounds less. Researches said it might be something about Paris’ eyes that kill male mice’s pain; whereas the same behavior was not seen in female mice because, joked by the reporter, the female mice might be too focused on Paris’ outfit!