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Picnic in Kendrick Lake Park


What a great day for an outdoor meal! When the sun started to set, we decided to go pick up a pizza and have a picnic in the nearest park. On Jewell and Kiping is the Kendrick Lake Park that I drive by every day to and back from work.

Here we were. It’s not the biggest park, but it has a lake, a bridge, walking paths, and a playground, so it’s pretty nice:

We had two baskets full of food: chips, drinks, sweet snack, salad…

A lot of the good spots were already taken. It was not easy to find a clean spot on the lawn as many people walked their dogs in the park and dog poops were seen everywhere on the grass.

Finally we were settled:

It was the first time I had Papa John’s pizza. The toppings were not as good as Pizza Hut’s (we got the classic pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, and green pepper), but the crust was definitely better!

I made a bad mistake of wearing a skirt! So instead of lying down after we ate and enjoy the sun, I got up to walk around the playground and watch the kids play. Dad thought this was a good angle for a picture because it looked like I’m inside a monster’s mouth….?

The sun really started to sink down moments later, it made everything so beautiful:

I have to put these pictures up – never had I taken pictures this gorgeous, granted it probably had more to do with the beautiful sunset than my shooting skills.

Here’s dad, doing…. I wanna say a victory/peace sign? Haha~

A little rescue mission


Summer is here, there have been so many “activities” in my window well. First and foremore are the annoying crickets. My window well is at least 5 feet deep, sometimes crickets get blown into it by wind and there’s no way for them to hop out. So they’ll stay under the rocks and chip the nights away! Ugh I just hate them! The “cricket” “cricket” sound totally keep me awake at night. If not for the ear plugs, I’d be tired all summer!

I’ve been complaining to everyone about it, including my neighbor Ms. Pam. She’s even seen me and my mom a few times going to the back with a broomstick and a bug spray. She said she saw a cricket inside her house one time and just squished it. I told her she was lucky because it was very difficult for us to find it in the window well. But after a couple of times trying, my mom and I finally got it, and squished it! It’s been so peaceful at night this past week (knocking on wood).

This morning, my parents and I are watching a movie in my room – it’s so much cooler down at the basement – and even the window blinds are down, I could see a shadow flying across my window. I thought to myself, that damn lawn man! Just couldn’t let people have a moment of quietness on a beautiful Saturday morning! But after a little while (I mean, I may sound obssesive with what’s going on in my window well, but I still was trying to focus on the movie!!), I was wondering how come there was no noise, as the lawn mower is usually really loud. I started staring really hard at the little area of window glass that was not covered by the blinds, and saw something furry! “Oh God!” I said out loud, “There’s a squirrel by my window!”. “Nah, leave it alone till we finish the movie,” said my dad. “But what if it scratches my window screen and makes a big hole?!” I asked. That got mom concerned. So we all got up from the couch, went to the window, and rolled up the blinds.

To our big surprise, it was not a squirrel but a bunny! A very little one! It was there with its head up, staring at the blue sky, wondering if it’d ever get out, it was so cute~~ Mom said she would’ve let me kept it as a pet if it were white; since it was not, we decided to rescue it! Mom picked up a broom (thinking we can extend the stick part down and let the bunny climb up; but I didn’t think so, it’s not a squirrel after all!). Dad got a bucket, and I took my camera. As we walked around our neighbor Pam’s house to go to the back, she came out from the door (probably wondering what on earth we’re going to do with all the supplies!), and asked “Cricket hunting?” I thought it was so hilarious, so I laughed and explained to her what had happened, and promised to let her see some pictures.

By the time we got to the window well, the bunny was tired from all the jumping and just sat there under the wooden edge of the window, so helpless:

Dad climbed down with the bucket and I asked him to take a close-up; here it doesn’t look like the bunny was real little, but in reality, it was just a little bigger than my hands:

It was not stirring while he took a picture so close which surprised me; it really must have been worned out. But as he tried to hush it into the bucket, the little bunny jumped. After several tries, it’s in there:

I patted it and let it run towards the backyard full of grass and weed. I swear it stopped to look at us, maybe it was my imagination, but I kept thinking like it would be in the movies, where the bunny would feel so greatful and eventually return to grant me a wish! Now I’ve said it, I’m sure it’ll never happen! Oh well, I still felt very proud of us~!


Days later, mom and I strolled after dinner to the neighborhood next to us only to find tons of bunnies and rabbits there! It was no coincidence that one ended up in my window well…

《还珠格格》- 永远的小燕子


要问我比较喜欢”还珠格格”还是”流星花园”,我可能马上回答不出来。我只知道看”还珠格格”的次数比”流星花园”多得多。就好像某人喜欢看 Friends 一样,因为是经典的戏剧,所以每当我低落,要振奋精神的时候,就想去“找”小燕子!


原来林心如是后来顶替上场演的紫薇,且因为以前没红时随便拍过的戏差点丢掉饭碗。还听说赵薇本来是要演紫薇这个角色的。(太离谱了!) 我真是深深感激上天的安排!如果世上缺少了赵薇版的小燕子,我们就缺少了一个优秀的演员,而我的青春也会少了这么一位“朋友”。


那晚正好播到紫薇顺利进宫,皇上在皇后那儿听闻漱芳斋夜夜笙歌,打算自己去看个究竟。原来,她们只不过在弹琴唱歌而已。皇上高兴地加入了她们。聊到紫薇母亲的时候,她们拼命地给皇帝暗示,可他不懂,列出了很多男人无可奈何的大道理。小燕子急了,手抬高,手指伸得笔直,摇头晃脑地说,“皇阿玛,你认为这种女人是不是太傻了,值得同情吗?我一听了就生气!等了一辈子还感谢上苍。那么受的苦都是活该了!女人实在太可怜,太没出息了,一天到晚就是等等等,对自己的幸福都不会争取!”(别以为我真的这么厉害,看到会背,我是看着土豆网上的视频照抄的。不过打到这里,才不得不佩服琼瑶阿姨的台词可真够长和罗唆的!) 我就着魔了,唰地一下子就被小燕子这种特征吸引住,以至于后面紫薇的温柔娴静一点在我那儿起不了作用。我就是爱小燕子那样摇头晃脑,说话“理不直气也壮”;更甚于她的挤眉弄眼,当然那也十分可爱。有段时间我会随意向DVD机里正在说话的小燕子按暂停,发现她的任何表情都是好看的!




























又要掉钢丝了… 想不到里面穿了可爱的Snoopy!















有一幕紫薇要拿一张白纸天书来研究,说“让我看看”,然后就接过去了,非常充满信心,好像她已经习惯为他们那个大家庭作疑难排解。在我印象里林心如版的紫薇 就不一样了。她会毕恭毕敬地请求拿到那张纸,这究竟是限于她的演技呢?还是林,马两人对角色的不同诠释呢?还有马版紫薇对儿子东儿的那种母爱表现得淋离尽至,我认为林心如未必能演出那种效果。她是属于偶像型的演员,让人有很注重自己外表的感觉,要她装嫩,演比自己年纪小的角色应该胜任过演一个母亲。但是,不可否认,她那又圆又大的眼睛确实比马伊俐来神,更似一个文诌诌的才女!



事隔十年了,赵薇也成功地转了型。但我为何叹息?觉得失去了什么?她为什么怕定了型呢?小燕子的活泼和独一无二是只有在她身上才透得出来,既然这么绝无仅有,她为何急于撇清呢?好像都不愿提起她曾经是小燕子。而她成功地演绎了小燕子,为何不肯接拍第三部,让这个经典完满结束呢?这是好的,最适合她的呀。总比拍乱七八糟的东西强吧! 转型之后,她也变成了众多努力的,敬业的好演员之一而已! 就再也不显得独特了。唉….. 不过,小燕子的深入我心可以让我一直给赵薇机会,不管她演什么角色我都会想在那上面找寻小燕子的影子,也就是说我都会看她的戏。而我会不断重看“还珠格格”,所以不怕赵薇以后的角色太让我失望。在我心中,赵薇的小燕子是永恒的!



如题。我们(我,爸妈,表哥,他爸妈,还有表嫂)今天约在贵宾楼六点钟吃晚饭庆祝。也不知道是不是上班太忙了,我急急忙忙把要处理的工作处理掉,还要洗干净带便当的碗,洗脸洗手,涂抹防晒油,整理包包,关灯… 这些事情我平日每天下班前都做的,今天却特别的不得心应手。抬头看钟,还有15分钟,应该赶得及开车过去,至多迟到5分钟而已。



我边笑眼睛边急忙地追踪着下一段,不知不觉,他们到了。人陆续有来,我就放下书,谈起话来。最后主角登场,还带来一只大生日蛋糕,我太高兴了!听说是栗子口味的,我巴不得没吃晚饭前就先点蜡烛,唱歌,吃蛋糕!他们点了一桌的菜,每个人也着实饿了,边谈边吃边笑,话题大都停留在表哥和 Tracy 结婚一事和回中国玩的见闻。


以上就是我们几个吃饱喝足的样子~ Tracy 显然比结婚前瘦了,大概肉都长到我表哥身上了吧。不过却多了分小女人的妩媚,而且变得更白,更漂亮了。我的表嫂是个好表嫂!下两个礼拜要到 Aurora 培训,说好了住他们家,我还挺期待的呢!

Colorado Springs 2008

It was not until I saw the Starbucks sign on 21st street (intersecting highway 24) that I realized the sands in my “year glass” have all flown through the tube – exactly a year ago, I was here, having climbed to the top of Pikes Peak – and came back down – and was trying to go to the next destination: Garden of the Gods. We were sort of lost and thus had been driving around that Starbucks a couple of times. Memorial Day weekend, 2008, we had new purposes in Colorado Springs: to see the famous U.S. Air Force Academy and the grandest mile of scenery – the Seven Falls.
As usual, dad demanded us to get up as early as possible and start our journey hopefully before the sun is making everything too hot. I managed to wear contact lenses, fix my hear, put on lots of sun blocks, and throw on my sunglasses. I also remembered to grab my personal mixed CD so I can play DJ in the car.
Chatting, singing along to songs, and snacking made the hour-and-a-half drive piece of cake (of course, I didn’t drive, so it’s easy for me to say!). Here we were at the guards of the Air Force Academy. The guy in uniform told us the visitor center was 4.5 miles from the gate and let us in. I thought, that’s almost as far as driving to work (25 minutes). Well, how I wished commuting to work would be more like this: there were no traffic lights, no crazy drivers, and along the path, both sides were full of green plants. Therefore, it only took us 4 minutes to get to the visitor center.
We went in at great timing, a 14-minute documentary about the academy and its students/trainees, which are called Cadets, was about to begin. After watching “Pursuit of Excellency”, I realized how tough, but fulfilling, the life of a cadet is. They must complete some 60 programs before becoming an officer in the military; the first step is physical training. The trainings they do remind me of action heros in movies, except movie stars are on wires when doing a flying scene, whereas these cadets are not. Here’s a model room for cadets:
Apparently two cadets share one room (I doubt any one room would be this clean, though)!
Besides strict discipline, there are all kinds of activities the cadets can do, such as religious rituals in the chapel, which is an architecturally stunning building, it also is where the cadets’ graduation ceremony is held:

We spent the longest time trying to find a parking spot. Then we realized something must be going on, because everyone who walks towards the chapel was very nicely dressed. We rushed to the entrance but were stopped by the guard. He told us there will be a graduation here in a few days (sure enough, President Bush came too and gave the commencement speech, it was on the local papers on Wednesday, 5-28-2008) and so today, a parent conference was taking place in the chapel, thus it was full, we could not go in. Not giving up, we tried to go in through the downstairs door for handicaps, but got dirty looks from a woman who was watching us. Failed to steal a peek of the inside of the chapel, I at least needed to have a picture of the side of the building:

(A plane was flying above and so the echo was loud…)

Onto our next destination. We figured we’d head over to Manitou Springs, but there were too many things to see there, including the Ghost Town museum (of things from the 1800’s!!), the Miramont Castle (where the famous Grand Staircase was housed), the ruins of the cliff dwellings off the side of Highway 24, etc. Finally, we cheaped out and decided to go to downtown Manitou Springs, which didn’t cost anything, and was categorized as a historic district with lots of old buildings.

I could only describe the downtown as NEAT:

It felt so good to be here. The weather was nice, people were out strolling with their dogs, sun-tanning, or drinking iced coffee and chit chatting under the sun… What a great life!

These buildings were probably well over 100 years! And many of them were in, on top of, beside, at the foot of, hills!

The tourist brochure mentioned the water of Manitou Springs, calling it having a “distinctive taste.” We tried a handful from this fountain and sure enough, the water was cool, and at first tasted a little salty and smelled a little like fish. But the aftertaste turned sweet and it helped quench our thirst till lunch time.

Later, we stopped at a couple of stores that sold hand-made jewelries and souvenirs. One of them was called the 10 dollar store where everything was $10 or under. I got really excited at first seeing all the vintage styled watches, necklaces, and earrings. But after browsing for a while, I realized the watches were out of battery and the jewelries were not that great of quality – not worth even 10 bucks. So we said thank you and goodbye to the store owner while feeling pretty bad for him. For the 15 minutes we were in his store, lots of people came in as well, we all touched, looked, and compared items, but nobody was seen paying for anything….

On the other side of the street, there was a jewelry store that sold pearls, Gordon’s was the name:

Mr. Gordon was very excited to see us. He started telling us about his hand cast pearl pendant collection and opened every cabinet for us to look. Dad was marveling about his cabinets, which, to our surprise, were all put together by Mr. Gordon himself, about 30 years ago, using logs that looked old, but gave a long-lasting feeling. His pearl pendants were very appealing, even though they were mostly casted in silver. Mom picked one out for me, it looked like a freshly picked cherry. With silver casting of a piece of leaf and stem, and the pearl shaping like a cherry. Mr. Gordon went inside and took out all three color pearls in the same style: white, green, and blue. I thought the blue one looked the prettiest and bought it. It also came with a silver chain so instead of putting it in a bag, I wore it right away!

The whole morning was gone fast, now way past noon, we were all very hungry. But it was hard to decide what to eat since there were so many restaurants, bars, cafes, and delis down the street. Mom suggested a bar close to where we parked, she recalled the sign said “best food in town.” Dad and I both objected, we were too hungry to walk the distance. Finally, we stopped by PJ’s Bistro, for we saw on their open menu, something we’ve never had before: Pierogi

I was happy as soon as I walked inside the little bistro, it was very cute (we sat on that middle table from the left row):

Picture from

Curious of what Pierogis were, we had an order. Also on our order were a Turkey Bagel Sandwich and a Club Sandwich. (My parents didn’t want me to act like a fool and take pictures, so….). I highly recommend PJ Bistro’s sandwiches. The portion was pretty good (big), and they grilled their stuff almost to perfection. Also good were their various sauces. The Pierogis were not impressive at all because they were simply dumplings with beef stew stuffing. Nothing in the world can compare to my mom’s hand-made dumplings, so that was out of the question. However, the sauce used for the piergis, sweet and sour, red wine colored, was not bad. (Click on the link above for their address and menu and be sure to try their sandwiches if you happen to be in Manitou Springs!)

Despite being really full and sleepy, I reapplied sun blocks as the sun seemed to sting even more when you had a full belly. We took a shortcut to the Seven Falls instead of what our trip planner said, I felt so good about it! When we got there, the line was very long and moving ridiculously slow. Many people turned their cars around and left. We wondered if there was an accident and whether or not to continue waiting. After the man from the car before us returned and told his wife to keep waiting, we knew it was merely too many tourists. After about half an hour of wait, we finally got to the ticket booth. Guess what? It was taking so long because everybody was trying to purchase tickets with credit cards; therefore, there were a lot of handing over paper to sign, and receipts, etc. An old man that looked like a retired park ranger was going down car by car, keeping the passengers entertained and in line. My parents could not stop shaking their heads. They said if this was in China, there was no way that the matter could be handled like this. Things would need to be done 10 times faster to accommodate the number of people and a lot more staff would be hired to sell tickets….

Finally, we were in. We parked our car at a certain stop and walked a little up the slope. Besides kids, we could hear very clearly the sound of water running. We knew we must be near the waterfall… First thing we came to see was a human-dug tunnel where the elevator was housed that would lead to the overlook deck. Or people could take the stairs to go up. We chose the elevator because we wanted to go inside the tunnel. As I took off my sunglasses, I could feel lots of cool air surrounding me, like in an air conditioned room, it felt so good! Inside and outside the tunnel were like two different worlds! Too bad the elevator was not a see through one. Before we knew it, the doors opened and we walked out of the elevator, and the heat was instantly felt.

Many people were already here, taking pictures. We wondered what they were taking pictures of, where was the waterfall anyway? A kid pointed at a direction and yelled “mom, look, look!”, we looked to that direction, and to our surprise, there it was, the waterfall, the so called “grandest mile of scenery in Colorado.” My mom immediately regretted paying $9 each to come in. There weren’t seven waterfalls, just one that turned seven times, whether natural or man-made. All there was to see was the cascading style of the waterfall that doesn’t even compare to some of China’s little waterfalls, in terms of grandness:

Here’s the looking-down view:

Since we were already here, we decided we should still go up to the source of the waterfall. So we came back down by elevator, and headed towards the bigger staircase.

The staircase was pretty steep, 2 flights and 224 steps of stairs!

At about step 10, a bare-footed little girl started crying, “mommy, I’m scared”. So her mom carried her down and told the rest of the family to keep going. I hate to admit but I got affected by the little girl and my heart started pounding as I climbed each step, and looking down didn’t help at all. It was kind of scary. Especially to your left you must leave room for people to walk down.

I started counting the steps out loud while gasping which seemed to have helped. I am proud to report this was one of the fastest time I continuously climbed so many steps of stair! Here’s my proud look when I reached the destination:

… and my dad’s victory look:

While my mom and I sat on the rocks to rest our feet and catch our breath, despite how uncomfortable the “rock chair” was, we saw this 70 something year old Chinese man walking right past us, so unaffected from the climbing, as if he had just been walking back and forth in his living room. Our jaws dropped. Then we turned heads and saw his son gasping for air even harder than we were. We broke out into laughters. Since we were all Chinese, we started chatting and the topic was centered around how nowadays, the young generation was much weaker than the old generation. We also found out this family, consisted of grandparents, mom and dad, daughter and son, have lived in Colorado Springs for 10 years and today was only their first time doing some sight-seeing in the city!! We were much less ashamed of ourselves after hearing that!

Colorado Ballet – The Repertory Series


Mercedes is a such true friend who always thinks of me. Today, she invited me to see the Colorado Ballet performance as she has an extra ticket. So she, I, and her step daughter Skii, drove to the Denver Performance Arts center in downtown, on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Because Mercedes couldn’t find her keys, we were running late. By the time we got there, the show had already started, so we had to sit at the very back till the first intermission, to get to our real seats, which were quite good – they were on the second row.

The Repertory Series is consisted of three performances. The first one is called “Leaves are Fading.” It premiered July 17, 1975 in New York:

Since we were sitting too far back, I couldn’t enjoy it as much. At times I even got so sleepy.

What a relief it’s intermission time! (This is how far back we were sitting):

So we got up and walked around the theater. It is truly artistic, from the doors:

… to the arts:

… to the stairs/building structure:

Here’s Mercedes and Skii, in front of the oh-so-real wax statues.

Break time is up and we found our excellent seats on the second row. The second performance is called “… smile with my heart” and was premiered October 23, 2002 in New York:

It is my favorite performance out of the three. Because it was very fresh, modern, and I felt I could understand the message they were trying to convey better. And I liked the fact that the band was on stage, playing live, as well:

The third performance was visually the most stunning one. It’s called “Straight Line to Never” and it’s a new performance just premierd March 15, 2008 in Denver!!! The costume, make-up, and dance routines are all very oriental. But I just couldn’t make out what message they were trying to deliver. Maybe because the music wasn’t soft enough. It sounded like music from the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack. But isn’t the stage setting gorgeous?!

Denver International Sportsmen’s Exposition


Today is Saturday, but I had to work in the afternoon! Although it was a different kind of work. The Denver International Sportsmen’s Exposition is held at the Colorado Convention Center at Downtown from Jan. 24-27. My employer, the USGS, has a booth at the event selling some maps, toys, books, etc. and they needed people to man it. So I volunteered a couple hours of my Saturday to come and help, thinking it was all worth it because I got to come in for free while everyone else had to pay a $12 admission.

Wow! I’ve never seen so many people at a single place in Denver!

People in here must be very outdoorsy. Such fishing/hiking/hunting gears are not cheap at all! Too bad I didn’t have a whole lot of time taking pictures but here’s our booth:

That’s Colleen and Rob. Rob is such a funny guy!

And here’s Colleen, Rob, and Ken by the register:

I spent most of the time helping out with the cash register, but I gotta admit, I’m so much older now! 5555555~ I used to be so good with the cash register when I worked for a McDonald’s a few years back, now I kept on making mistakes… Sorry, Rob!