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Marco’s & Cirque du Soleil MJ Immortal


Fri Jan 6 2012

My Yelp Review on Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza:

If the food here only deserves 4 stars (or higher depending on the day), the service surely kicks it up a notch to 5 stars. We were very happy to be helped by a non-judging waitress who kept her smile on after we only settled with water for drinks. When I placed the order, she didn’t try to remind us that may not be enough food, until I asked her, which I think is being respectful.

I picked what I thought was the only non-meat salad on the menu: Arrosto (I could be wrong, there might be others…) and it was gone in seconds. Everybody enjoyed it, it’s unusual in that it included both raw and cooked veggies. Off to a healthy start! Then the Manhattan pizza came, the last ingredient – pine nuts – intrigued me, and it turned out to be a fantastic choice. The chicken and basil interacted with each other very well. The second pizza: Sicilia, was recommended by the waitress. What an excellent suggestion! The meats (“Genoa Salame” and “Proscuitto Cotto”) had a nice shaved texture that kept them very tender and juicy. With Marco’s pizza, you can actually taste the freshness of the ingredient. You can also tell the crusts were entirely hand-made. These two important elements create pizzas that may not be loaded with flavors which trick your tongue and bloat your stomach, but rather, subtle after-tastes one can really savor.

The last thing we ordered was Lasagna. Now Lasagna, I do prefer it with a heavy sauce. Marco’s sauce is good, but it doesn’t remind me of Italian food. We still enjoyed it a lot and didn’t have any leftovers!

The best part was that they found out it was our first time here so we got a dessert – Nutella Pizza! – for free! I was curious about it but didn’t want to commit to a whole dessert pie, this was a perfect way for me to sample it. Not that memorable, something you can make at home. And the idea of having carbs for dessert scared me a little.

You really feel welcome at Marco’s, all the young waiters and waitresses are pretty good looking, and growing up in a big city in China, I’m used to restaurants being noisy. So to me, there’s nothing not to love about Marco’s!

一年多以前买的阳光马戏团MJ主题秀的票子今晚终于可以用了。不同以往的是场地居然在Pepsi Center!一般阳光马戏团的表演都比较小型,与观众亲密些。这次搞不好会更像演唱会哦。


Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza是一家挺潮的店,却坐落在Downtown很古老的一栋楼里,呵呵,美国人就是喜欢这种风格吧。一进去感觉有点像回到国内,店里可热闹又喧哗了,可我们觉得很亲切享受,如果灯光再亮些,窗户再多些就更像了,哈哈。



新鲜至极!即使没有topping,干啃饼皮也是一大享受。这不是,叫的Lasagna (意大利千层面)里就有两块饼皮,蘸点烤茄汁,更有嚼劲:



第二个批萨是服务生介绍的。酱料跟上面的千层面一样,上面铺了新鲜蘑菇,朝鲜蓟,和Proscuitto (意大利火腿薄片)。真的很薄,却很juicy,口感特别鲜嫩。


Marco’s的Pizza绝对比千层面做得好。后者的pasta sauce还是太淡了点。不够绸也不够浓,下次不点就是了。

忘了说,这间的服务超好。我们什么饮料都没点,就要了白开水,服务生也没表现出失望。经理过来询问了两次,听说我们是第一次来造访,马上说送一个甜品批萨来我们这桌。太好了!看了菜单后就想试试这个Nutella Pizza(巧克力榛子酱甜饼),但又怕一晚上太多碳水化合物;现在有人白送,就吃一片尝尝呗!




吃饭花了不少时间,在Pepsi Center找到车位之后已经8点,show正要开始的时间。我气急败坏地穿着高跟鞋带他们满大街地跑,一路上听到MJ的音乐,倍感幸福。换票的时候出了些小问题,最后总算赶得及开场时分找到座位。






MJ’s Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition


Instead of a remix album, of course I wished for a new studio album! But, it’s still a new release from Michael and I bought it first as it came out.

I simply cannot believe this is a 25th Anniversary Edition! I’m turning 25 this year which means the album was made in the year I was born, 1983! Michael was already making classics back then!

I skipped the first 9, 10 tracks because I’ve heard them over 100 times! I was happy that the newly remixed tracks were not just MJ’s old voice, he actually lent his current voice for a change! I was thrilled to notice MJ still sounds so touching. Especially in the newly rendered “For All Time.” The track recorded 20 something years ago featured a more fresh MJ, and the one recorded last year showed a more matured MJ. I love both of them!

I’m surprised Michael picked Fergie to be one of the remix guests and not, say, someone like Justin Timberlake. But Michael is Michael, if he didn’t pick JT, I’m glad I don’t like JT either! Ha ha!

<<周.杰伦>> by 小K (huh???)


“小K,一名才华横溢的年轻人经历了几年创作以及歌手生涯,终于于2008年开年之际推出了自己首张专辑唱片,这里面汇集了小K近年来的一部分优秀作品,作品涉及到亲情、爱情、和平等多个题材,是一张非常好听的多元化曲风的唱片。 专辑名称定为[周.杰伦],由此可见周杰伦对小K的影响,长相酷似周杰伦的小K在音乐上也受到周杰伦很大影响,我们在这张唱片中不难发现这点。小K独立完成该张唱片的制作,从词曲创作到编曲,小K充分表现了其不凡的音乐才华。 小K出生成长在山东,参加多次选秀并取得非常好的成绩,在网络上以及电视机前小K已经有数量不少歌迷,这次小K终于实现了他的一个愿望,出版发行了自己的唱片,回馈给自己的歌迷朋友们.”

I don’t understand. Not to mention this 小K doesn’t sound like, or actually sounds much worse than Jay Chow (周杰伦), even if he matches up, why would he want to copy somebody? I can understand if he’s inspired by Jay, but wanting to look like and sound like someone? That’s just complete copycat, and I despise such people!

This reminded me of someone named Jason Malachi, who created some hype with his song Mamacita, which got “deliberately leaked” all over the Internet as Michael Jackson’s new single. True, he sounded exactly like MJ on that song, well, like a younger version of MJ. But I was completely thrilled at that time, thinking MJ’s releasing new music. What had me fooled was not only his voice, but also his way of breathing, his pronounciation, his singing emotion, the song’s style and beats…. I was so sure that it was an MJ song.

I thought being a fan for quite some time now, I have sharp ears. All these years there have been tons of people mimicing MJ’s voice and way of singing and I’ve always been able to tell the difference. So when I found out Mamacita was sung by Jason Malachi (it really didn’t matter who; the point is it ain’t MJ), my heart broke! Yes, I have to admit the boy’s got talent, and I would give him kudos if he’s impersonating MJ (e.g. singing an MJ song) and be so alike him. But why would he want to put out his own music and sing just like MJ? Why do we need another MJ? MJ is the one and only!

I guess I’m so angry because he’s had me fooled. I was so confident in my ability as a fan and now that confidence is shattered into pieces. From now on, every time I hear a so called “rare”, “unreleased”, “demo” song from MJ, I would not be sure if it really is MJ. See, I don’t want to love the wrong guy, OK?! (sigh*)

If you Google Jason Malachi, you’ll see that he has a mySpace page ( He has several more songs there playing. The other ones don’t sound as much MJ as Mamacita. Anyway, the mySpace thing came as no surprise, because how would such a NON-original guy make it big? I wish him the worst luck!~ Hmph!

MJ on Dec 24-31, 2007 JET cover!!


You’ve GOT to be kidding me! I’m so defenseless of that smile!

Too bad I missed the issue from the magazine stands ’cause I didn’t catch up with the release date (what kind of a fan am I?!?) But thank God, I can still back order the issue from the Ebony-Jet website, for free shipping! Woo Hoo!

MJ on Ebony Dec 07 issue!



I got the magazine last night! It seemed to have been selling really well! I just couldn’t wait and was in bed reading about it past midnight. How nice it’s Saturday today!

I’m completely blown away! On the cover, he looks just like a king!

I’m thinking Michael is really going to release a new album! Or something new! I remember before Invincible was relesaed, he did some press just like this time. Please, please let this be true!!


My lord! How sexy is THAT?! Is he doing some kind of Charlie Chaplin? I don’t care, his poses are so FINE! and I love his outfit! I wish they hadn’t processed the photos so much to make them look like paintings, but oh well! OMG, his hands on that last picture — It’s great to see Michael’s big hands! lol~~

MJ on L’uomo Vogue Oct 07 issue!



I received the magazine!!!!!! MJ’s GORGEOUS!

OMG! He looks soooooo good! It’s an Italian Vogue magazine, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Rumor has it that he’s doing this shoot for Roberto Cavalli and in return, Cavalli would create clothing for Michael for his new look supporting the new album release! Check out these pics:

Oh his hair on the one below. That’s the reason why I’ll never dye my hair any other color! MJ’s always got lovely black hair! hee hee! The way he opens his mouth… I know many people don’t agree with me, but God, to me, it’s so sexy! I can stay in there!

(hee hee, I made this face show up on my phone’s front LCD so every time I close my phone, I see MJ’s sexy look! 😉

This last one’s my most favorite (not the headless one, duh!):

(Too bad the picture was not included in the mag….. 5555555)

He’s SO fine!!~~~ I must be the very few who love how he looks after plastic surgeries. I know I know, he looks like a woman, but to me, that’s so mystique. In the picture, he looks just like the 10-year-ago him, reminding me of this picture:

(“Blood on the Dance Floor” video shoot, 1997)

My baby hasn’t changed a bit!