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Junz, Parker CO



Wed Jan 4 2012

My Yelp Review:

My cousin works here so I might be slightly influenced, but Junz is a pretty interesting fusion (Japanese & French!?!) restaurant and according to him, a lot of hot chicks dine here at night (lol). We met the owner that night and he seemed really breezy, gave us free drinks and appetizers.

My cousin still ordered a lot though; the boys enjoyed the “Japanese Style Chicken Wings with Ginger Soy Marinade” a lot, us girls thought they were just OK. We didn’t like large wings, prefer them smaller. Then there was this Tuna salad app on mashed avocados, with some artichokes, the tuna was definitely raw. Not my cup of tea but it had a very nice presentation. Fried Calamari and Fried Shrimps were both tasty but not that different from each other. I made sure I got my Yellowtail Collar, as always, such a dish never disappoints! The chef also whipped up some so-called “New Style Salmon Sashimi” for our table, so it’s not just sliced raw fish, more like a fish version of Beef Tataki. But it still failed to turn me into a sashimi lover.

Then our jaws almost dropped when we saw two big plates of sushi, can’t even recall what they were but we thought we were getting full with the appetizers already. Anyway, sushi was good, but a lot of them were spicy, guess that’s what customers prefer nowadays…

Ready for the main course? Cuz ordered both steak dishes (Rib-Eye Steak and Filet Mignon), they were just OK. The boys again seemed to enjoy the crab mashed potatoes, but I thought they were on the watery side. For us girls, he picked Chilean Sea Bass (on Risotto) and Sword Fish (on Lobster Cream Fettuccini), both were very very good. One thing we all unanimously loved was the mushroom sauce on top of our steaks and fish, it really transformed the meat. My Sea Bass was a thick cut that’s golden fried yet very juicy inside, you just can’t get enough of it! Cousin told me the secret, orang-y sauce was a reduction of boiling a lot of fish bones, and to the owner, it’s like little drops of gold, so precious (and so delicious) that he doesn’t usually grant second helpings. The sauce definitely peaked the taste of the fish. I was surprised how well the fish paired with Risotto.

Would love to come back and try more dishes on the account that Cuz doesn’t order too much food, just enough so we could savor it all!

老表今天休假,邀大头和我去他现在打工的餐厅试鲜。 好久没去Aurora,都不知道要开哪条路。千挑万选结果上了要收费的470公路。不过那一路可真叫顺畅啊!先到了表哥家和胖小子侄子玩了一会儿。小家伙越来越结实了,幸好看到我们没哭。把他放到Tracy妈妈家之后我们又开了20多分钟才到餐厅。沿路那个叫空旷啊,怎么说米国地大物博呐。Aurora算是正在开发的新区,房子多商场也多,到处都是生机啊。


















Ho Ho Ho! It’s time for my favorite Japanese restaurant! Japango! Located in Boulder, Colorado, and on every Tuesday night, they have “all you can eat” specials from 5-10 PM. My cousin, Allen, Tracy and I have been there a couple of times already. Today, we’re taking my cousin’s parents – my aunt and uncle to experience the fun!

Good we didn’t have to wait this time; however, we had no choice but to sit at the sushi bar. I told them, “It’s at least $30 per person not counting the tax and tips, so open your mouth and stomach and eat as much as you can!”

So to start off the night, we got some hand rolls:

There are eel roll, shrimp tempura roll, crab roll (real crab meat ne!), salmon roll, and the ones not pictured. Some scallop sushi, and beef (still kinda rare!) sushi.

Mmmmm, a picture is worth a thousand words! Hahaha!

This is (dang, I forgot the Japanese name! 鱼嘴巴) fish face/jaw/mouth? Mmm, it’s grilled/fried till perfection! Reminds me of my mom’s Shanghai style 熏鱼:

It’s all because of this, my aunt and uncle wanted to come to Japango! Too bad they only had 2 left….

Kobe beef. It’s basically very thin raw beef slices. Kind of like the one used for Shabu Shabu. But this kind is just served like this, so it’s marinated and already tasty. Parts of the beef is grilled. With sprinkled sesame seeds, union, and scallion, picked up in a roll, and dip into the hot sauce, YUM! My cousin and Tracy wouldn’t have any of this last time so I got influenced by them and thought it’s pretty disgusting too. But this time, my aunt and uncle are both fans, so I determined to try some:

To order a plate of this is $15 regularly. So technically, for all-you-can-eat nights, just order two plates of Kobe Beef, your money is already worth it!

More Sushi came, yay! Here are two chef’s special rolls:

  • Japango Roll – Spicy Shrimp Corvettes with Avocado and Tempura Batter
  • Hawaiian Roll (Rainbow Roll) – 7 Different kinds of Raw Fish Bordering a center filled w/Crab Meat, Avocado & Cucumber

The following are apetizers everyone would love:

Magic Mushrooms (They are called mushrooms ’cause they are shaped like mushrooms. There really aren’t any mushrooms in this thing. It’s salmon wrapped around avacado or something)

Dynamite (I love this hot and spicy starter. This one’s really got mushrooms in it. And shrimp, scallop, and a delicious cheesy dressing kinda taste like magical whips)

Teriyaki beef wrapped around asparagus. I gotta admit, I like this cooked beef a little more than the raw kobe beef.

We needed to have more Sushi in between:

Salmon skin roll – never really my favorite. Picked it up because of Friends (“The one with Unagi” heh heh heh!)

I can’t recall the name of this next roll, but I sure like the sweet teriyaki sauce in a fancy cocktail glass!

Who can leave a Japanese restaurant without having tempura? I can’t!

Looks like uncle Zhang loves shrimp + calamari + veggie tempura just as much as I do! lol~

Ugh! I wanted to slap myself for ordering these two last things to ruin the night:


Not even 1/4 as good as the dumplings my mom makes!

Age Tofu

Yikes! It’s hard and tasteless. Too bad by the time these were served, all the other food were finished. So we all ended up with a bad taste for the night…..



Allen and I made up today. He probably thought by giving me gifts I’ll be over it; not so, I’m mad until I’m not mad! It was worth noting what he brought me though:

Ta-da! Fancy Mochi Rice desserts, fresh from L.A.!

I have to admit they don’t taste as good as they look though…. 😦

The other gift I liked better was from Jennifer. It’s a microwavable benton bowl for my day to day lunch needs:

Mmmm, look at what I brought from home today (my parents’ excellent home made food):

Asparagus with potatos and unions; fried pork chop; chicken; bamboo shoots with aged tofu slices. Delicious~

Now every day I will be eager to finish my lunch, so to reveal the bottom of the bowl; because, look at how cute it is!

It’s me! A little pig! haha~

Persepolis (2008)


I saw it today! There was only one theater playing it in Denver. Hmm, I would’ve liked it more if it was dubbed in Chinese. Since it was in French, I had to read the English subtitles, and I truly know nothing about the history of the Iraq/Iran war, that part of it proved a little difficult for my understanding.

But overall, Marjane’s such a good story teller. What’s fascinating is that the story is really a true story, it’s Marjane’s story, it’s what really happened to her in her life! It’s a good thing America is getting some fresh and new influences on animated features.

When the movie’s over, it’s chow time! We went to the near Japanese restaurant Sonoda’s:

Soup and salad as usual for any Japanese meals:

Except with Sonoda’s, their soup is mushroom broth, not miso soup. Something for a change, eh!? I’ve got to say, their salad dressing is the best Japanese salad dressing I’ve ever had!

Here’s today’s lunch special:

Grilled trout with shrimp and vegetable tempura

All for $9.95. I thought it was really good. I wanted tempura so bad, that’s why I came to Sonoda’s, because their tempura sauce is delicious! There’s ginger slices at the bottom of the sauce and it tastes a little sweeter. I could drink the whole thing! Althought it’s really meant for dipping. lol~

The sashimi bowl was affordable – $5.95 only! Look how pretty:

The marinated raw fish was quite good! There’s a lot of rice at the bottom though. LOTS!

I don’t know why sushi had to be ordered, there was actually enough food. But well, it’s a Japanese restaurant!

Unagi (freshwater eel) and salmon skin rolls

Their sushi was so so, and wasn’t cheap. That plate was 10 bucks!

Sonoda’s has this really yummy Delux Seafood Combo dish that can only be specially ordered. I’m gonna have to come back and try that later!

Sushi Den


If I had known we were going to Sushi Den tonight, I wouldn’t have gone to Sushi Heights and had crappy food (and service!) that other night.

Candy’s husband came so he treated all of us out to dinner and their son, Cheuk, picked Sushi Den. Well, they are kind of rich so I’m not surprised he picked such a high-profile restaurant.

(free calendar from Sushi Den)

As expected, the place was full of people. There was no parking and we had to rely on the valet. What got me was that we could not make a reservation earlier (some kind of stupid restaurant policy, I guess), and now we had to wait an hour and a half for a table of 7! It was chilly outside and I was wearing high heels! We pretty much sat on the bench outside and had nothing to do. Wing was sitting by me and I later showed her pictures from my camera…

Finally it was time to be seated. We got a table upstairs (didn’t know they had a second floor!). Cheuk made all the decisions on what to order. He must have been really experienced because he ordered the perfect quantity for the night and everything was pretty good (though I did not think their food was outstanding enough to justify the high price).

While waiting for the food, I took a picture of Candy and her husband (Mr. Zhen):

Then, it’s chow time! As always, salad and soup came first:

The salad dressing was too sour… not good. Then our first plate of sushi. Since I did not do the ordering, I don’t know the names of each and every thing, so I’ll just name the ones I recognize:

From the above picture, those two circled by seaweed were Lobster Tempura Sushi; the two to the left were Geoduck (象拔蚌) Sushi. They were both really good.

Then came two other apetizers which I had suggested – Fried Tofu (right) and Dynamite:

This is raw beef…. (yikes!) I didn’t understand why they were considered a luxury and thus priced so high, maybe because of the hype that the cows were shipped all the way from Japan every day:

The beef didn’t taste bloody (thank God) but I didn’t have another one ’cause I thought it was a little sour. I’d rather eat what’s next:

Unagi Rolls (Fresh Water Eel)!

Then more Sushi… The middle ones with avacado on top were special house rolls; and the left ones with some asparagus sticking out were beef (cooked! whew~) rolls which were surprisingly good!

That must have been Cheuk’s eager hands… haha!

A few more entrees were coming. The first one was the famous Kobe beef with Teriyaki sauce, and fried taros:

Mmmm, the beef was really good. Tasty and fattening!

Next entree: Grilled Black Cod:

It wasn’t as good as the one I had at Zengo’s, but good enough for Mr. Zhen and my dad to finish two bowls of rice!

The last entree: Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura:

For the longest time, I thought Tempura’s Chinese name was 甜不辣. But of course I made a fool out of myself. They had to correct me and told me it’s actually 天婦羅. Hey! I thought 甜不辣 was so much closer in pronounciation anyway!

As if all that was not enough food, we had to order desserts (of course!). I got ginger flavored ice cream (doesn’t seem like you can find this flavor in any other restaurants but Japanese):

Cheuk ordered Strawberry Shortcake. I joked how he was such a sissy, but he couldn’t care less! Look how yummy the cake is!

And Wing… haha, look at Wing:

She couldn’t wait to get started with the Tiramisu~~ Who wouldn’t?!?

It was reportedly listed as the best Tiramisu in town. I couldn’t tell as I didn’t get a taste… But that’s fine because I’ve had way too much food that I needed tonight! Nite Nite~~

Nohana Sushi


Formerly “Sushi Heights”, located next to the Colorado Free University.

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I should’ve ordered just sushi because their other entrees were just so so.

First to come was soup and salad; as in any Japanese restaurants. I loved the salad dressing.

Tempura Shrimp Roll. My idea to order this was so there’s both tempura and sushi to be had!


Udon Noodle: I can always enjoy good Udons!

Chicken Sukiyaki: I don’t like this kind of Japanese food where it’s not a soup, but the food is soaked in a broth… Reminded me of the restaurant Domo. I guess this is home cooking or country food.. Not my favorite. I gotta remember the name so I won’t order this kind no more!