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出书以前他在自己的网站 上就post过很多照片;有在外面买的sandwich,但更多是自制的。书里较为详细地介绍了作者选出来的人为具代表性的三明治的来历,名称,和成分,材料等的变化。虽称不上妙语连珠,读起来还是很风趣的。而且见识长了不少哦!比如英国除了下午茶时间的tea sandwich,原来还有一款俏皮的三明治叫Butty:

*Scanwiches Book Sneak Peak! Chip Butty: Hot Chips, Ketchup, on White Bread. 

Chip Butty: Hot Chips, Ketchup, on White Bread. (photo taken from



最让我心动的是Sandwich Loaf。Google翻译为夹心面包,看它的样子我认为叫“蛋糕面包”更确切吧:

据说这款用面包代替蛋糕,Cream Cheese代替奶油,中间随你加什么咸的沙拉(青豆啊,午餐肉啊,蘑菇啊,蛋,鱼等)都可以的party food很难在外面买到,只能自己在家做了。可要很有技巧才能把它“化妆”成跟个蛋糕一样吧:




"Bacon and Egg" Candies

看起来很像荷包蛋对不对?呵呵,博文的题目是”Bacon and Egg” Candies,是模仿西方经典早餐“培根鸡蛋”的糖果。蛋白部分是化掉的白巧克力,蛋黄则是黄色的M&M糖衣巧克力。培根部分博主用了两根Pretzel Sticks(椒盐脆饼条),个人认为其实可以用真的培根,撕成小碎片就好了。当下不是很流行把培根混到甜食里吃吗?听到到处都在卖培根圣代,培根纸杯蛋糕,培根味甜甜圈等等,虽然我一样都还没试过…



Sia – Some People Have Real Problems (2008)


I first read about this album on an issue of Rolling Stone magazine and the cover had impressed me. Then one day at Starbucks, I saw the CD was featured on their music racks and the packaging was kind of cute.

I later learned that the CD had just been released. It took me a while to get it on hold from the public library. Finally I got it one day! But I was not happy because the library had taken out all the enclosed stuff like booklets and artworks. Anyhow, I focused on the music.

I was a little disapointed at first becuase I had expected her voice to be more like Lily Allen’s (maybe ’cause of her cute look?!?). Yet Sia sounds a lot deeper. I normally don’t appreciate this kind of voice but guess what? Her song writing is amazing! The first couple of tracks grabbed my attention. The rest of the songs are all kinda good. If anything is more impressive than the songs’ composition and her skilled vocal, is the music. When I was playing it in my car while driving, it felt like the whole inside of the car was echoing with the tunes. Most of the tracks were produced so that they sounded like there was an entire symphony playing the music, not just a band! I admit I fell in love with this CD. That’s when I wanted to see the whole thing. So I was like, whatever, I’m getting this album! I’m glad I did, for $13.99, even if there was no CD, the artwork post cards were already worth it!

Looks like Sia did all the artwork herself. She is a talent! And what’s even better? There was access to download 3 bonus tracks from her website! Oh oh, and her video Buttons, is kind of wacky, different, but fun. So make sure to click the link and check it out!



Allen and I made up today. He probably thought by giving me gifts I’ll be over it; not so, I’m mad until I’m not mad! It was worth noting what he brought me though:

Ta-da! Fancy Mochi Rice desserts, fresh from L.A.!

I have to admit they don’t taste as good as they look though…. 😦

The other gift I liked better was from Jennifer. It’s a microwavable benton bowl for my day to day lunch needs:

Mmmm, look at what I brought from home today (my parents’ excellent home made food):

Asparagus with potatos and unions; fried pork chop; chicken; bamboo shoots with aged tofu slices. Delicious~

Now every day I will be eager to finish my lunch, so to reveal the bottom of the bowl; because, look at how cute it is!

It’s me! A little pig! haha~