Junz, Parker CO



Wed Jan 4 2012

My Yelp Review:

My cousin works here so I might be slightly influenced, but Junz is a pretty interesting fusion (Japanese & French!?!) restaurant and according to him, a lot of hot chicks dine here at night (lol). We met the owner that night and he seemed really breezy, gave us free drinks and appetizers.

My cousin still ordered a lot though; the boys enjoyed the “Japanese Style Chicken Wings with Ginger Soy Marinade” a lot, us girls thought they were just OK. We didn’t like large wings, prefer them smaller. Then there was this Tuna salad app on mashed avocados, with some artichokes, the tuna was definitely raw. Not my cup of tea but it had a very nice presentation. Fried Calamari and Fried Shrimps were both tasty but not that different from each other. I made sure I got my Yellowtail Collar, as always, such a dish never disappoints! The chef also whipped up some so-called “New Style Salmon Sashimi” for our table, so it’s not just sliced raw fish, more like a fish version of Beef Tataki. But it still failed to turn me into a sashimi lover.

Then our jaws almost dropped when we saw two big plates of sushi, can’t even recall what they were but we thought we were getting full with the appetizers already. Anyway, sushi was good, but a lot of them were spicy, guess that’s what customers prefer nowadays…

Ready for the main course? Cuz ordered both steak dishes (Rib-Eye Steak and Filet Mignon), they were just OK. The boys again seemed to enjoy the crab mashed potatoes, but I thought they were on the watery side. For us girls, he picked Chilean Sea Bass (on Risotto) and Sword Fish (on Lobster Cream Fettuccini), both were very very good. One thing we all unanimously loved was the mushroom sauce on top of our steaks and fish, it really transformed the meat. My Sea Bass was a thick cut that’s golden fried yet very juicy inside, you just can’t get enough of it! Cousin told me the secret, orang-y sauce was a reduction of boiling a lot of fish bones, and to the owner, it’s like little drops of gold, so precious (and so delicious) that he doesn’t usually grant second helpings. The sauce definitely peaked the taste of the fish. I was surprised how well the fish paired with Risotto.

Would love to come back and try more dishes on the account that Cuz doesn’t order too much food, just enough so we could savor it all!

老表今天休假,邀大头和我去他现在打工的餐厅试鲜。 好久没去Aurora,都不知道要开哪条路。千挑万选结果上了要收费的470公路。不过那一路可真叫顺畅啊!先到了表哥家和胖小子侄子玩了一会儿。小家伙越来越结实了,幸好看到我们没哭。把他放到Tracy妈妈家之后我们又开了20多分钟才到餐厅。沿路那个叫空旷啊,怎么说米国地大物博呐。Aurora算是正在开发的新区,房子多商场也多,到处都是生机啊。
















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