March 12, 2009

At Proto’s last night, this is what we had for starter:

It’s called something like "mini mozzarella tomato salad with olive oil", well, it was on the specials menu for only $3. We thought, OK, we’d like to have a salad. When the waitress put it on our table, we were like "what is this?" well, our idea of a "salad" was very different of course, and we thought this was some kind of a dessert. LOL!
Instead of taking time to decide, we ordered the special pizza of the day:
When it said "pie", it really meant pizza (how strange!):

It was pretty good except that the spinach stung my tongue a little bit…
Then we decided it wasn’t enough food for us, this 12-inch, medium sized "pie" that had a hand-tossed, really thin crust, so we took a look at the specials menu again and got this mini pizza for $5:
It’s called "The Ruby" (I really hoped it was not meant by the color). There were pesto, olives, artichoke hearts, etc. on top. I thought the cheese on it tasted pretty good, but overall, not my type of pizza topping. The reason we ordered it (in addition to the waitress recommending it) was that we had heard of "pesto" on Friends and always wanted to try it! *eyes rolling*
Dessert time! My friend Julie mentioned how tasty Italian ice cream is (they call it Gelato), we decided to order the lemon flavor:

It was lemon ice cream covered in lemon powder sugar (?) and with lemon flavored syrup… At first I regretted not ordering a pint to take home for only a dollar more. But after tasting it, whooooo, too sour for me!
My favorite was of course the cannoli:

I loved how they had more of those creamy stuff all over and not just inside. (Later I looked it up on Wikipedia, the creamy stuff that doesn’t taste like cream, nor cheese, nor ice cream, is Mascarpone, or ricotta cheese. It is not very sweet and that’s why I’m crazy about it.)
Well, it was a pretty good meal, if not for the $6 a piece dessert, it wouldn’t have been too expensive (it was $44 after tax and tips; we did not even have anything to drink but water). I liked how they gave us the check in a little can:
I wonder if that’s how they do it in Italy, or Italian restaurants?!

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