Picnic in Kendrick Lake Park


What a great day for an outdoor meal! When the sun started to set, we decided to go pick up a pizza and have a picnic in the nearest park. On Jewell and Kiping is the Kendrick Lake Park that I drive by every day to and back from work.

Here we were. It’s not the biggest park, but it has a lake, a bridge, walking paths, and a playground, so it’s pretty nice:

We had two baskets full of food: chips, drinks, sweet snack, salad…

A lot of the good spots were already taken. It was not easy to find a clean spot on the lawn as many people walked their dogs in the park and dog poops were seen everywhere on the grass.

Finally we were settled:

It was the first time I had Papa John’s pizza. The toppings were not as good as Pizza Hut’s (we got the classic pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, and green pepper), but the crust was definitely better!

I made a bad mistake of wearing a skirt! So instead of lying down after we ate and enjoy the sun, I got up to walk around the playground and watch the kids play. Dad thought this was a good angle for a picture because it looked like I’m inside a monster’s mouth….?

The sun really started to sink down moments later, it made everything so beautiful:

I have to put these pictures up – never had I taken pictures this gorgeous, granted it probably had more to do with the beautiful sunset than my shooting skills.

Here’s dad, doing…. I wanna say a victory/peace sign? Haha~


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