A little rescue mission


Summer is here, there have been so many “activities” in my window well. First and foremore are the annoying crickets. My window well is at least 5 feet deep, sometimes crickets get blown into it by wind and there’s no way for them to hop out. So they’ll stay under the rocks and chip the nights away! Ugh I just hate them! The “cricket” “cricket” sound totally keep me awake at night. If not for the ear plugs, I’d be tired all summer!

I’ve been complaining to everyone about it, including my neighbor Ms. Pam. She’s even seen me and my mom a few times going to the back with a broomstick and a bug spray. She said she saw a cricket inside her house one time and just squished it. I told her she was lucky because it was very difficult for us to find it in the window well. But after a couple of times trying, my mom and I finally got it, and squished it! It’s been so peaceful at night this past week (knocking on wood).

This morning, my parents and I are watching a movie in my room – it’s so much cooler down at the basement – and even the window blinds are down, I could see a shadow flying across my window. I thought to myself, that damn lawn man! Just couldn’t let people have a moment of quietness on a beautiful Saturday morning! But after a little while (I mean, I may sound obssesive with what’s going on in my window well, but I still was trying to focus on the movie!!), I was wondering how come there was no noise, as the lawn mower is usually really loud. I started staring really hard at the little area of window glass that was not covered by the blinds, and saw something furry! “Oh God!” I said out loud, “There’s a squirrel by my window!”. “Nah, leave it alone till we finish the movie,” said my dad. “But what if it scratches my window screen and makes a big hole?!” I asked. That got mom concerned. So we all got up from the couch, went to the window, and rolled up the blinds.

To our big surprise, it was not a squirrel but a bunny! A very little one! It was there with its head up, staring at the blue sky, wondering if it’d ever get out, it was so cute~~ Mom said she would’ve let me kept it as a pet if it were white; since it was not, we decided to rescue it! Mom picked up a broom (thinking we can extend the stick part down and let the bunny climb up; but I didn’t think so, it’s not a squirrel after all!). Dad got a bucket, and I took my camera. As we walked around our neighbor Pam’s house to go to the back, she came out from the door (probably wondering what on earth we’re going to do with all the supplies!), and asked “Cricket hunting?” I thought it was so hilarious, so I laughed and explained to her what had happened, and promised to let her see some pictures.

By the time we got to the window well, the bunny was tired from all the jumping and just sat there under the wooden edge of the window, so helpless:

Dad climbed down with the bucket and I asked him to take a close-up; here it doesn’t look like the bunny was real little, but in reality, it was just a little bigger than my hands:

It was not stirring while he took a picture so close which surprised me; it really must have been worned out. But as he tried to hush it into the bucket, the little bunny jumped. After several tries, it’s in there:

I patted it and let it run towards the backyard full of grass and weed. I swear it stopped to look at us, maybe it was my imagination, but I kept thinking like it would be in the movies, where the bunny would feel so greatful and eventually return to grant me a wish! Now I’ve said it, I’m sure it’ll never happen! Oh well, I still felt very proud of us~!


Days later, mom and I strolled after dinner to the neighborhood next to us only to find tons of bunnies and rabbits there! It was no coincidence that one ended up in my window well…


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