Like my new blog theme? I do! Can’t wait to continue writing my “diary”. In the past two months, many things have happened, I even went and got my ears pierced (on April 19, 2008)! Saw a lot of movies, attended my cousin and Tracy’s wedding, went places, finally got back in touch with Ayuer, etc. etc.

What can be expected from this new phase of my blog? Less movie/music critiques, as I became more active in the online community DouBan which is designed just for movie/music/books. Unless it’s something I am eager to comment on. Hopefully less “beauty products” but more “beauty tips”. Hmm, I’d still like to continue taking pictures of food and restaurants, but probably not crazy like before. Definitely more pictures and thoughts about other things. Notice the name of the blog is still “LS Loves….”? It’ll remain as my “happy diary”!


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