Waitress (2007)


Maybe it was Keri Russell, maybe it was the poster, or maybe it was the pies; but as soon as I saw the cover picture of the film, I wanted to see it! Had no idea it was an independent film shot in a small town. But the director was also the writer and played one of the dopy characters – Adrienne Shelly, you were bright! Note the word “were”, yes, unfortunately, she was murdered not long after the movie was wrapped….

Back to the movie, it was a bittersweet comedy/drama about relationships and pregnancy. It was nothing like what I had imagined. I was a little disapointed towards the whole thing about pies. Really, it had nothing to do with making wonderful pies. The act of making pies was rather used throughout the film to depict the main character’s emotions and thoughts at that point in time. Also, I waited the whole movie to see how she triumphs at the end and breaks away from her controlling husband. Well, yeah, at the end, she succeeded by having a daughter and opening her own pie shop, but she still didn’t leave the town like she’s always wanted to! And too bad she didn’t end up with that cute doctor! Maybe that’s why it’s “bittersweet”, although the movie left audiences praising the girl, but I didn’t feel all that good!

Overall, I’ve got mixed feelings towards this movie. But it was good to see Keri Russell shine. Goodness, she looks SO MUCH like my GED teacher Linda Austin. I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since she taught me. Too bad we lost contact….

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