Bordertown (2007)


Another movie trashed by the critics that I love. Yeah, I always have to see Jennifer Lopez’s movies, but I gotta say I don’t love her as much as I used to. However, since this one features Antonio Banderas, and is another collaboration between Jennifer and Gregory Nava, who were respectively the star and director of Selena, my all time favorite movie, I had more faith in it. Once I got it and found out the film’s inspired by true events, I was even more inclined to see it.

Another adrenaline rush. I like films like this. Although I didn’t brace myself throughout the whole film, I liked knowing the director dramatized these real events. The massive murders of women in Juarez, Mexico, is real! But if he were to shoot the film like a documentary, it would’ve been less attractive. The main catch is the character of a 16 year old victim, who was raped and buried, but was not killed. So she crawled out of her grave and kept on pursuing the capture of her killers, with the help of an American reporter – Jennifer’s character. I really liked the young actress they found who looked a lot like Angelina Jolie, and was very capable of expressing different emotions. She was of Indian heritage (not sure if it’s Indian Indian or American Indian) who grew up in Mexico. I had to say, in terms of acting, she was more free and true than Jennifer. Ugh, Jennifer’s love scene with this guy in the movie was so fake, I had to fast forward to pass it.

I’m sure the ending where the killer was burned to death in the fire was very dissatisfying and made-up for all audiences. Because they had to end the movie somehow. What a chill to know such killers really exist, NOW, in this bordertown of Mexico where the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was so important to the government that they’d rather use money to cover it up, instead of investigating. How sad! Now whenever I’m using my favorite electronics, and knowing the women who assembled them might have been killed down there just makes me shiver.

Sorry to say for Antonio Banderas to play a tiny little role in this movie is just so pointless. I can’t believe the director let him get killed off before the movie ends….

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