Ho Ho Ho! It’s time for my favorite Japanese restaurant! Japango! Located in Boulder, Colorado, and on every Tuesday night, they have “all you can eat” specials from 5-10 PM. My cousin, Allen, Tracy and I have been there a couple of times already. Today, we’re taking my cousin’s parents – my aunt and uncle to experience the fun!

Good we didn’t have to wait this time; however, we had no choice but to sit at the sushi bar. I told them, “It’s at least $30 per person not counting the tax and tips, so open your mouth and stomach and eat as much as you can!”

So to start off the night, we got some hand rolls:

There are eel roll, shrimp tempura roll, crab roll (real crab meat ne!), salmon roll, and the ones not pictured. Some scallop sushi, and beef (still kinda rare!) sushi.

Mmmmm, a picture is worth a thousand words! Hahaha!

This is (dang, I forgot the Japanese name! 鱼嘴巴) fish face/jaw/mouth? Mmm, it’s grilled/fried till perfection! Reminds me of my mom’s Shanghai style 熏鱼:

It’s all because of this, my aunt and uncle wanted to come to Japango! Too bad they only had 2 left….

Kobe beef. It’s basically very thin raw beef slices. Kind of like the one used for Shabu Shabu. But this kind is just served like this, so it’s marinated and already tasty. Parts of the beef is grilled. With sprinkled sesame seeds, union, and scallion, picked up in a roll, and dip into the hot sauce, YUM! My cousin and Tracy wouldn’t have any of this last time so I got influenced by them and thought it’s pretty disgusting too. But this time, my aunt and uncle are both fans, so I determined to try some:

To order a plate of this is $15 regularly. So technically, for all-you-can-eat nights, just order two plates of Kobe Beef, your money is already worth it!

More Sushi came, yay! Here are two chef’s special rolls:

  • Japango Roll – Spicy Shrimp Corvettes with Avocado and Tempura Batter
  • Hawaiian Roll (Rainbow Roll) – 7 Different kinds of Raw Fish Bordering a center filled w/Crab Meat, Avocado & Cucumber

The following are apetizers everyone would love:

Magic Mushrooms (They are called mushrooms ’cause they are shaped like mushrooms. There really aren’t any mushrooms in this thing. It’s salmon wrapped around avacado or something)

Dynamite (I love this hot and spicy starter. This one’s really got mushrooms in it. And shrimp, scallop, and a delicious cheesy dressing kinda taste like magical whips)

Teriyaki beef wrapped around asparagus. I gotta admit, I like this cooked beef a little more than the raw kobe beef.

We needed to have more Sushi in between:

Salmon skin roll – never really my favorite. Picked it up because of Friends (“The one with Unagi” heh heh heh!)

I can’t recall the name of this next roll, but I sure like the sweet teriyaki sauce in a fancy cocktail glass!

Who can leave a Japanese restaurant without having tempura? I can’t!

Looks like uncle Zhang loves shrimp + calamari + veggie tempura just as much as I do! lol~

Ugh! I wanted to slap myself for ordering these two last things to ruin the night:


Not even 1/4 as good as the dumplings my mom makes!

Age Tofu

Yikes! It’s hard and tasteless. Too bad by the time these were served, all the other food were finished. So we all ended up with a bad taste for the night…..


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