Haha, I’ve never dined out so happily and freely. Allen’s got tons of Mystery Cards from his company to the Italian restaurant Carino’s. Each one has a possiblity of having values from $5 to $500! I had a blog post on the restaurant before but I just had to do one more because it’s once in a lifetime thing where I don’t need to worry about how much something costs!

That card I’m holding in my hand is the mystery card (hmm, wonder how much was on that particular one!) Heh heh, Allen said I looked so 肉紧 (intense?) on the picture. Of course, I was so happy!

Italian cream sodas. Blackberry and lemon flavors (first one’s better):

Uh oh, this is the best of the entire dinner tonight. New apetizer, Sicilian Fire Sticks:

“A delicious blend of Italian sausage, chopped grilled chicken, bacon, roma tomatoes, jalapenos, and creamy Italian cheeses, rolled in a tomato basil tortilla. Served with ranch and spicy marinara.”

Ah, it was so delicious and crunchy and big! (see how the menu is not even as tall as them?)

Soup and salad as usual (I think it was potato soup):

Both of the entrees were not so good. We were wrong in thinking of getting seafood which were among the most expensive dishes. It’s an Italian restaurant, not Japanese, for God’s sakes!

Snow Crab Ravioli

“Large ravioli stuffed with snow crab and spinach, topped with a tangy lemon basil cream sauce, crab meat, fresh basil and freshly diced roma tomatoes”
I swear I didn’t taste any crab meat. Maybe it’s the way they prepared it. Too much cheese…
Grilled Orange Roughy Bruschetta

“Fire-grilled fillet topped with fresh roma tomatoes and parmesan cheese, served with a pan sautéed mushroom white wine risotto and roasted red pepper green beans”
I was tricked by the word Bruschetta. Thinking it’ll be a bread dish just like Cheesecake Factory’s. But it was actually a kind of fish. I think it smells. Maybe it wasn’t fresh, I’m not sure.

I was so looking forward to dessert. But having had their Tiramisu and Chocolate Cannoli before, I wanted to try something different. There was bread pudding and cheesecake and so on, but Allen picked this Apple Skilletini:

“Handmade pastry baked with cinnamon apples and topped with hot caramel, served with vanilla ice cream.”
It was what the waitress recommended too. But I had doubts she recommended it because there was an excessive amount left. Or maybe it wasn’t what I like because it was burnt. They were nice enough to give us another freshly baked, not-burnt one though.

Haha, when it was time to pay, we presented them with so many Mystery Cards they were totally surprised! And kept on asking where we obtained the cards from, we ain’t telling you, of course!


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