Bomberman Land Wii (2008)


After dinner at Carino’s tonight, I suggested playing this new Wii game I got. For some reason I just love the Bomberman series, just like I do the Super Mario, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong series. I basically go and get almost every game that comes out on any of these series.

Something that I really hate, and unfortunately it happens to lots of Wii games, is that there are stages that are locked. Meaning you can’t play them until you play some other unlocked ones. It’s really annoying because what if you don’t like a certain stage? This happened in the Bomberman Land game. We’re stuck at this training where we just couldn’t pass this silly ball bounce stage. It’s stupid, maybe that’s why we couldn’t pass it…. LOL~

The battle mode is always fun, like with any Bomberman games. This is Allen’s strength, whereas my strength is adventure games. So it can be foreseen that I lost pretty badly. The star mode with sudden death is just too too fun!

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