The Black-eyed Pea


I vowed to take my parents out for lunch/dinner every week or every other week at an American restaurant. Last time was Red Lobsters. Today, we thought we’d save a little and go to a more affordable one. The Black-eyed Pea is the first one on my list!

It was a beautiful day outside:

The restaurant serves southern home style cooking. I really enjoy their cornbread and rolls with butter spread:

Not to mention their so-big-and-so-good-and-so-cheap drinks! I’ve tried their Pina Colada which was awesome. So I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri this time, in a 10 oz glass, for only $4.75!!!! The cheapest ever! Just how big is it?

If the above picture wasn’t relative enough, I got another one:

Haha, I had so much fun with that drink!

I know their portion of food is quite big too so we planned on having two entrees and an apetizer. I remember their American Sampler is really good – “A delicious medley of Chicken Fingers, Potato Skins and Cheese Crunchers served with your choice of dipping sauces.” Sounds wonderful, eh? Too wonderful that I overlooked the price of $3.99, thinking it’s for everything! I was dead wrong though, because in order to get all three things:

… it’s $8.59! But oh well, they are too good to complain about the cost. The Potato Skins, mmm mmm, I’ve never had better!

At least I didn’t read the next one wrong. It was a combo of two selections for the price of $12.99! So we picked Grilled Salmon and BBQ Ribs. With sides like Broccoli & Rice Casserole and Sweet Corns. Yum!

The last one, I chose the Charbroiled Chopped Steak, thinking for $8.59 I can get a steak, that’s not bad at all! Especially when the drescription read “A juicy half-pound of ground Premium Angus Beef served on a bed of seasoned rice. Topped with savory brown gravy and tender sautéed mushrooms.” However, I was wrong again! There ain’t no steak, it was beef patti! With sides like Baked Squash Casserole and Spinich with vinegar:

My parents forgave me because they thought the beef tasted pretty good. That’s what counts!


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