Sia – Some People Have Real Problems (2008)


I first read about this album on an issue of Rolling Stone magazine and the cover had impressed me. Then one day at Starbucks, I saw the CD was featured on their music racks and the packaging was kind of cute.

I later learned that the CD had just been released. It took me a while to get it on hold from the public library. Finally I got it one day! But I was not happy because the library had taken out all the enclosed stuff like booklets and artworks. Anyhow, I focused on the music.

I was a little disapointed at first becuase I had expected her voice to be more like Lily Allen’s (maybe ’cause of her cute look?!?). Yet Sia sounds a lot deeper. I normally don’t appreciate this kind of voice but guess what? Her song writing is amazing! The first couple of tracks grabbed my attention. The rest of the songs are all kinda good. If anything is more impressive than the songs’ composition and her skilled vocal, is the music. When I was playing it in my car while driving, it felt like the whole inside of the car was echoing with the tunes. Most of the tracks were produced so that they sounded like there was an entire symphony playing the music, not just a band! I admit I fell in love with this CD. That’s when I wanted to see the whole thing. So I was like, whatever, I’m getting this album! I’m glad I did, for $13.99, even if there was no CD, the artwork post cards were already worth it!

Looks like Sia did all the artwork herself. She is a talent! And what’s even better? There was access to download 3 bonus tracks from her website! Oh oh, and her video Buttons, is kind of wacky, different, but fun. So make sure to click the link and check it out!

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