2 Parties – Glenn’s Farewell and Colleen’s Birthday


Today at work, we had a potluck brunch – to celebrate Glenn’s getting a new job in Alaska and Colleen’s turning 39.

Here’s Glenn and a little bit of Colleen! LOL~

Wow! Somebody brought table cloth!

Let’s see what everybody brought. Here’s a Quiche, it’s a French Egg Pie:

April made Corned Beef Hash Patties:

Caryl, our retiree, came in with a home baked Fruit Cocktail Cake:

Colleen demanded a Triple Chocolate Cake for her b-day. God bless her!

Fruite Plates:

And I brought Curry Beef, cooked by my mom, of course! (upper left corner):

Julie mixed a Crab Picante Dip for the pretzels and crackers (too bad I didn’t get to snap a shot of the dip bowl…)

And Jenny brought Virgin Bloody Mary with Shrimp Cocktail and Celery (not pictured).

Somebody yelled, this is too big of a breakfast! Right, ’cause we meant to have breakfast and lunch together!


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