Las Delicias


Haven’t seen Mercedes in a long long time; well, that’s because it’s been cold and snowy. Today’s a very nice day, so we planned to go to Las Delicias, the best Mexican restaurant in town – according to my co-worker Julie. The restaurant has four chains, we picked the Downtown one, not only because Mercedes works Downtown, but I heard the Downtown one is the most original.

Hmmm… what a great day to forget my camera at home! Ugh, I hate myself for that!!! So, I couldn’t take any good pictures of the cute restaurant, in or out. But at least I remembered my camera phone! It doesn’t take as good of pictures, but for the food, I thought it was not bad.

Before we sat down, they brought us chips and salsa. It was perfect because I was so hungry from walking:

I heard lots of good things from Julie about their margaritas. So Mercedes and I each got one. I thought the regular ones would be stronger, so I ordered the Strawberry Margarita. Look at how cute the little glass is (it’s got a cactus handle!):

Mercedes ordered the same thing:

When it comes to ordering entrees, it was a little difficult because Mercedes is a vegetarian! Julie did recommend their Special Nachos but said it was only an apetizer. Well, we peeked over to the next table and found out Las Delicias serve good portions so she decided to go with it:

Mmmmm, it was the best thing! Julie was absolutely right! Although it had no meat, their refried home made beans were so special and delicious that even I, who don’t like beans at all, appreciated the unique taste, with the addition of sour cream, guacamole, and jalepenos:


As for me, I’ve always had a special love for shreded beef soft tacos, so that’s what I got:

… with Mexican rice:

It really was a good portion. However, their shreded beef isn’t as tasty as Rosa Linda’s. But between the tacos and rice, it sure stuffed me up!

Yet we still shared a dessert – Sopapillas:

How could I not? I LOVE sopapillas. So even I had to pack some food as left overs, I wouldn’t miss out on this delicately fried, crispy Mexican pastry. With honey for dipping… God! I didn’t care how full I was! Las Delicias’ sopapillas are different, it’s more doughy than any of the ones I had before. I liked how they’re not too too sweet but I would’ve preferred if they were thinner and crispier… But I’m definitely coming back~ for their Special Nachos and Margaritas, at least!


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