Allen and I made up today. He probably thought by giving me gifts I’ll be over it; not so, I’m mad until I’m not mad! It was worth noting what he brought me though:

Ta-da! Fancy Mochi Rice desserts, fresh from L.A.!

I have to admit they don’t taste as good as they look though…. 😦

The other gift I liked better was from Jennifer. It’s a microwavable benton bowl for my day to day lunch needs:

Mmmm, look at what I brought from home today (my parents’ excellent home made food):

Asparagus with potatos and unions; fried pork chop; chicken; bamboo shoots with aged tofu slices. Delicious~

Now every day I will be eager to finish my lunch, so to reveal the bottom of the bowl; because, look at how cute it is!

It’s me! A little pig! haha~

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