MJ’s Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition


Instead of a remix album, of course I wished for a new studio album! But, it’s still a new release from Michael and I bought it first as it came out.

I simply cannot believe this is a 25th Anniversary Edition! I’m turning 25 this year which means the album was made in the year I was born, 1983! Michael was already making classics back then!

I skipped the first 9, 10 tracks because I’ve heard them over 100 times! I was happy that the newly remixed tracks were not just MJ’s old voice, he actually lent his current voice for a change! I was thrilled to notice MJ still sounds so touching. Especially in the newly rendered “For All Time.” The track recorded 20 something years ago featured a more fresh MJ, and the one recorded last year showed a more matured MJ. I love both of them!

I’m surprised Michael picked Fergie to be one of the remix guests and not, say, someone like Justin Timberlake. But Michael is Michael, if he didn’t pick JT, I’m glad I don’t like JT either! Ha ha!


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