Dinner with my cousins


Today is technically still Chinese New Year, and since it’s Saturday, we’ve invited my cousins (who are going to school in Colorado but originally came from Seattle) for dinner.

By the time I got home from the movie Persepolis and lunch at Sonoda’s, Michael and Jonathan had already arrived. My dad was playing them the Mindfreak show created by Criss Angel, on DVD, but it was only 3, 4 PM, still far away from dinner time. So after a little chatting, I took out my Nintendo GameCube and let them play it.

Boys are boys, they are natural at games, although to them, my games are too childish:

Bomberman Generation

Yes, it’s silly, but it’s fun! I love the battle game, you’ve got to react very quickly to stay alive. It’s got other modes such as revenge, tricks, slippery, etc. to keep it different from the standard mode. Too bad I only had two remote controls, so the three of us had to take turns to play. But it didn’t matter because the computer seemed to always win. *eyes rolling*! Later I must check out the adventure game!

Shrek Super Party

My all-time favorite party game! I first played it right after the first Shrek movie came out, must have been at least 5 years ago, on PlayStation 2. I loved it so much that later when I got a GameCube I had to back order this game. The characters are lovely, the different game modules are great fun, and the race/competition format is intriguing! I can never get tired of Shrek Super Party! Hopefully my cousins had fun too!

It was finally time for dinner (although I still felt full from lunch), we went to the nearest Chinese buffet Great Wall’s. My uncle and aunt also joined us. Because of the new year, the restaurant was SO FULL! We had to wait 30 minutes, so it was time for some pictures:

How nice! They had free candies!

Hahaha, somebody’s fast hands (don’t get the wrong idea, it wasn’t me because I was taking the picture! heh heh heh)! Well, when it comes to candies, who isn’t eager? lol~

Got too busy eating afterwards I only took one picture of my several plates of food (I thought I was not that hungry!!):

I had it (fullness) up to my nose by the time we finished! Bad thing about holidays, one just eats too much and cannot control it!


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