A New Day…


The show was magical! I couldn’t stop asking myself why we didn’t go see it when we visited Las Vegas the Thanksgiving of 2006! We probably took it for granted that it’d keep running year after year.

I’ve never loved Celine more than I do now, after seeing the show. She truly is a dedicated and devoted artist who’s very friendly to people, talented, and real. What I love about this 2-disc DVD set is that it not only has the show in its entirety, it also has lots of bonus footages such as what goes on backstage when Celine is belting out tunes after tunes onstage, what’s it really like to produce a show this grand, and how is Celine as a person when she’s off stage….

Speaking of the concert, no one can deny Celine Dion and Las Vegas (whoever sponsored and produced the show) really go together! I know many singers have concerts in Las Vegas, but for it to become one of Vega’s signature shows, only Celine can pull it off! Because number one, her songs, although might not be today’s hippiest sounds, are classic, or maybe it’s her voice or her way of singing them, but it tells us something when she was selected to sing the theme song for Titanic. Number two, she is an artist of great class. Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, etc, might sell more tickets and are more popular, but I don’t believe they can be as classy as Miss Celine Dion.

The backstage featurette was an eye-opener! Another reason I respect Celine is that she’s so organized and clean. Her backstage and prep rooms are so much different from other stars. This again showed she’s a classy woman, who can sometimes be goofy. It was sweet to see her using her son’s humming sound as her cell phone’s ring tone; she was very kind to a vistor who was sick and in wheel chair; she was so loving to her husband and son. These were great footages! But I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to go out there and purchase a copy of this until they showed a picture of Michael Jackson visiting Celine’s set one day! As soon as I saw that, I made up my mind! lol~


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