Persepolis (2008)


I saw it today! There was only one theater playing it in Denver. Hmm, I would’ve liked it more if it was dubbed in Chinese. Since it was in French, I had to read the English subtitles, and I truly know nothing about the history of the Iraq/Iran war, that part of it proved a little difficult for my understanding.

But overall, Marjane’s such a good story teller. What’s fascinating is that the story is really a true story, it’s Marjane’s story, it’s what really happened to her in her life! It’s a good thing America is getting some fresh and new influences on animated features.

When the movie’s over, it’s chow time! We went to the near Japanese restaurant Sonoda’s:

Soup and salad as usual for any Japanese meals:

Except with Sonoda’s, their soup is mushroom broth, not miso soup. Something for a change, eh!? I’ve got to say, their salad dressing is the best Japanese salad dressing I’ve ever had!

Here’s today’s lunch special:

Grilled trout with shrimp and vegetable tempura

All for $9.95. I thought it was really good. I wanted tempura so bad, that’s why I came to Sonoda’s, because their tempura sauce is delicious! There’s ginger slices at the bottom of the sauce and it tastes a little sweeter. I could drink the whole thing! Althought it’s really meant for dipping. lol~

The sashimi bowl was affordable – $5.95 only! Look how pretty:

The marinated raw fish was quite good! There’s a lot of rice at the bottom though. LOTS!

I don’t know why sushi had to be ordered, there was actually enough food. But well, it’s a Japanese restaurant!

Unagi (freshwater eel) and salmon skin rolls

Their sushi was so so, and wasn’t cheap. That plate was 10 bucks!

Sonoda’s has this really yummy Delux Seafood Combo dish that can only be specially ordered. I’m gonna have to come back and try that later!


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