Recent pleasures


Recently I’ve had so much pleasures with all the music discoveries, especially on DouBan, because it tracks what books I’ve read, music I’ve listened to, and movies I’ve watched; then based on the records, it suggests new things for me to enjoy. I get ambitious when I see the statistics go up. Yesterday there’s only 20 albums and 50 movie’s I’ve heard and seen, today, after adding another 10, it’s 30 albums and 60 movies!!! I just want to see that number go up! To do that, I need to listen to more music and watch more movies, and collect all that I’ve done and report it! I get so crazy that these past few days, whenever I lie down trying to fall asleep, I can’t because I envision myself sitting in front of the computer and doing stuff on DouBan…

But that’s not the only thing I see when I close my eyes these days. I’m also obsessed with Persepolis, the interesting autobiography by Iranian author/illustrator Marjane Satrapi.

How cute are the covers! The books are actually cuter! She tells her story as a graphic novel, her drawings are unique and her encounters are special. I cannot wait to see the movie (an animated feature) and listen to the soundtrack! Here are samples of her drawings from the books:

They are so much different from Japanese Girl Comics, but I love them because they are simple and to the point. I had wanted to buy the Chinese edition of the books, but I liked how the English translation sounds sarcastic. I’m obssessed to a point that I picture myself being the main character of the story, only my surroundings were all Chinese instead of Iranian~~

Heh heh, I’m having so much fun with her works. And Marjane herself is quite beautiful too:

I just adore her!

This is not the best yet… The best is that I just discovered this Indie girl group based in NY, called “The Pierces”, their album Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge is smashingly good!

I just can’t believe how lucky I have been to find out so many cute things all at once lately! More importantly, their music (the sisters wrote or co-wrote all songs) is real different and outstanding. For some reason, I found pairing the music of this album with reading Persepolis a perfect match! Maybe because both works have the dark and rebellious feeling. I just can’t get enough of double girl singers!


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