Music Update


I’ve discovered SO MANY new musics lately!

It all started with Jessie’s recommendation of La Dolce Vita (甜蜜生活) by Waa Wei (魏如萱) to me. I bought the CD from; it’s Taiwan’s first edition which included two bonus CDs by Waa’s favorite Spanish bands. All for $17.99! What a great deal! The CD and the packaging were beautiful; even better, there was a mini catalog from the CD’s publisher Avant Garden full of recommendations of similar music.

The first and the best was Carrchy (卡奇社). Apparantly, they wrote a song for Waa on her album and are very talented. Carrchy is made up of a boy and a girl, both 20 years old, who create their own music. The girl sings the vocal and the boy plays the instrument. Their first album 日光倾城:

is soooo good! Her voice is similar to Faye Wong’s. But what I love about their music is that they fuse traditional Chinese music with modern electro sounds, yet still backed by flowy melodies. I love EVERY song off of this album!

Somehow I read on the Internet that Carrchy is being compared to this China band 龙宽九段 (also made up of a boy playing instruments and a girl singing vocals). So I gave their single 夜里 (at night) a listen. I was hooked instantly! Of course I went ahead and found the entire album 我在听这种音乐的时候最爱你 (I Love You Most When I Listen to This Kind of Uusic). I’m going to give it a real good listen from beginning to end later. Here’s the album cover:

But Waa has done more contributions to my recent discoveries of music gems. I knew she had come from this band Natural Q (自然卷) before becoming solo, and I’ve listened to and loved the band’s music. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know how Waa and the other band member 奇哥 (a guy) look, so I plugged in “Natural Q” in Google Images. I got what I wanted to see, and also, I stumbled upon this blog My Randomness that mentions Natural Q’s music. I was more curious so I read a couple of posts from the blog. What can I say? It’s a music blog! And the author (who I became friends with later on is a big fan of Asian Indie Music (she’s Chinese herself too).

I’ve received so many great music tips from her blog! One of them, an album by Mongo So, called Pat Pet:

What cute cover, eh? ^_^ Mongo So is a girl from Guangzhou, China! Who’s very talented and does her own music and sings Jazz. Her first effort was so creative that it made me proud to be a girl from Guangzhou as well! Some of her songs sound like children’s songs (儿歌) but I want to say they truly aren’t because the beats and rhythm are much more complicated. They just happen to have naughty melodies and background noises.

I’m really greatful for My Randomness! It’s introduced me to all these other great independent artists, including Cheer Chen (陈绮贞), My Little Airport, Cao Fang (曹方), Zhang Xuan (张悬), etc etc etc.

My new goal? Is to listen to some Japanese and Korean indie music recommended by My Randomness:

  • Aco
  • Bird
  • Donawhale
  • Girls Tape Store (MySpace)
  • Love & Pop
  • Loveholic
  • Nakatani Miki (中谷美紀)
  • Piania
  • Swinging Popsicle
  • Tearliner
  • The Indigo

… and compilation albums! Because that’s a great way to discover new sounds!

After I told Jessie (I wanted to thank her because she technically originiated this whole discovery), she asked me to become a member on DouBan, an online music/movie/books sharing community that connect people with similar interests. Meaning, I’ll keep receiving endless recommendations on all these things I love!


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