Christina Aguilera BACK TO BASICS: LIVE AND DOWN UNDER (2008)


Finally this got released on DVD! The release date kept changing for about three months…. This was one of the concerts I regret missing the real show (I think she did come to Denver).

Christina Aguilera is not one of my top favorite artists but I’ve come to respect her and her works in the past couple of years. I thought Stripped was a very good album and she truly shined as a song writer. But her look during that era was pretty nasty and was not easy to accept. Into the Back to Basics era, Christina became more and more lovable. She’s talented and devoted to her work. Not only did she write or co-write most of the music on the album, the whole tour concept was developed by her. The concert was totally visual, and entirely different from her last one (The Stripped Tour). I really liked how she mixed 1930’s glamour with jazz, glitter, and color.

I knew Christina got pregnant during this tour and although she didn’t show it at all by singing, dancing, and moving really professionally, it’s still one of those things that when you know a woman’s pregnant, you worry about her not being able to give her 100%. Like Reese Witherspoon doing the movie Vanity Fair when she was very pregnant. They tried the hardest to hide her bump but I thought all that effort was vain because you could tell she’s acting with caution. My point is, that was the only little thing stopping me from totally enjoying the show.

Still, at the end of the day, Christina has turned out to be this full-grown, mature woman who can handle her own show. Whereas Britney Spears, Christina’s then more popular peer, is still a complete mess…


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