Chinese New Year’s Eve – Mama’s cooking

Tonight is Chinese New Year’s Eve and mom took a day off at home to prepare for a feast! 🙂 Wing and Allen are both invited to join us because they don’t have family with them tonight.

Here’s what she made:

Boiled Shrimp

Veggies (Chinese mushrooms, snow peas, and corn hearts) cooked using the shrimp stocking

Ginger Chicken with her killer sauce (yum!)

… and of course, soup (lotus roots)!
sweet and sour pork
steamed fish

That’s Wing turning her back to me because she did not want to take a picture. LOL~

We were all too full at the end for words. The best thing was we used the dish washer tonight so nobody had to do the dishes! Yay~

To help with digestion, we played several Wii games for a couple of hours. Before they left, mom made dessert soup for everybody (thank you, Mom)!

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