VH1 Divas Live (1998)


I’ve wanted to see this forever! When I finally held this DVD in my hand today, it was surprising to find out the show, in fact, took place back in 1998! By surprising, I don’t mean I didn’t know how old the show was, but how time flies, it’s scary!

Several impressions:
  • Mariah Carey was the true diva of all – this is not a compliment. I’ve always disliked her divaish attitudes. When she sings, her gestures are weird…. But kudos to her for being herself.
  • Shania Twain was the most beautiful!
  • Gloria Estefan was the most friendly, straight, and true. I really liked her spirit, but not so much her music or voice. I used to think she’s sexy; used to…
  • Celine Dion was the most energetic. I appreciate the fact she’s close to the audience, but for some reason, I thought her energy and excitement were a little phony. I would’ve liked it more if she was more girly – like how she was in the Titanic music video. But her songs were good, or shall I say, familiar.
  • Carol King, the surprise guest, was the most talented and humble.
  • Aretha Franklin….? Who the hell? I don’t know her, but she sure had that “queen of the world” quality (again, I don’t mean it in a positive way!)

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