Paheli (Foreign; 2005)


How I came across this movie was a little unusual. Some time ago I was looking to for the drama series 鬼丈夫 by Taiwan author 瓊瑤, and when I searched for that on VeryCD, there’s an Indian movie named 鬼丈夫 (Paheli) which really caught my interest.

Later I found out the Denver Public Library has a copy of it and I got really excited. So I finally went in and started browsing the foreign language movie DVD stacks at the library. The design of the DVD case really caught my eyes. When I read the plot summary I was really happy because I knew it was going to be a good show:

“Lachchi is married to Kishan, whose only interest is money. On the night of their marriage, he leaves to pursue his business interests. However a ghost has fallen in love with Lachchi and he takes on Kishan’s appearance and wins everyone’s heart. When the real Kishan finally returns five years later, confusion abounds until finally a wise old shepherd devises the three tests to resolve the paheli that has baffled everyone.”

Paheli in Hindi means riddle. But I guess I don’t have to explain why the Chinese name is 鬼丈夫 (a ghost husband). I had fun watching the movie. The Indian culture is just so rich and it shows a lot of that in the movie. What I like about it was not only the folk tale story line, but the way the movie’s got humor, singing and dancing, colorful traditional clothes, beautiful women, romance, camel races, and the fairytale element. The songs were really good, I’m looking for the soundtrack now!

Some parts of the movie reminded me of my favorite show Journey to the West (西游记), where towards the end they finally reached 西天 (which was really India). See how I never run out of ideas of what to watch? Because one thing always links to another!

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