Denver International Sportsmen’s Exposition


Today is Saturday, but I had to work in the afternoon! Although it was a different kind of work. The Denver International Sportsmen’s Exposition is held at the Colorado Convention Center at Downtown from Jan. 24-27. My employer, the USGS, has a booth at the event selling some maps, toys, books, etc. and they needed people to man it. So I volunteered a couple hours of my Saturday to come and help, thinking it was all worth it because I got to come in for free while everyone else had to pay a $12 admission.

Wow! I’ve never seen so many people at a single place in Denver!

People in here must be very outdoorsy. Such fishing/hiking/hunting gears are not cheap at all! Too bad I didn’t have a whole lot of time taking pictures but here’s our booth:

That’s Colleen and Rob. Rob is such a funny guy!

And here’s Colleen, Rob, and Ken by the register:

I spent most of the time helping out with the cash register, but I gotta admit, I’m so much older now! 5555555~ I used to be so good with the cash register when I worked for a McDonald’s a few years back, now I kept on making mistakes… Sorry, Rob!


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