Lots went on today…

I took a day off today to help mom straighten out her Social Security issues at the Downtown office. For some reason I didn’t think it was going to be a good day. Well, we got a ticket numbered T209 but the officers started and kept on calling number S’s and Q’s, until 30 minutes later someone finally called T201. So the wait was surely delayed. What was even worse was at T208, the fire alarm went off!!! I bet anything that somebody smoked inside the building and thus set off the alarm. So we all got rushed out of the building and the fire trucks came down so quickly, I thought it was fun to take a picture of that:

Finally, we got business taken care of and it was almost noon. I had a Johnny Carino’s coupon with me so we went there for the “2 can dine for $19.99” special for lunch. This is the restaurant:

The “2 can dine for $19.99” special included unlimited bread, salad, and soup:

By the time we finished all that, we were pretty much full already! So we ended up taking a lot of the entree items home:

Chicken Fettucine

Skilletini (with shrimp and chicken)

Both are my dad’s favorite so he gets all the leftovers! And, this is still not the end of it. Dessert was also included; we shared a tiramisu:

The woman at the next table couldn’t help but exclaim how good the tiramisu looked. Well, I didn’t think it looked all that good but it sure tasted great!

I had wanted to call it a day so so much, but I couldn’t because in the afternoon, I had an appointment with my mentor Michelle Jeske at the downtown Denver Public Library. So there I was, back in downtown again!

We had tea at the library’s coffee shop and chatted about each other’s life. It was very nice. I’ve always liked talking with Michelle.

Before dinner, I went to a little gift shop and bought me something really cute:

Haha, I loved the oversize boxing glove!!! I’m gonna have to think of a way to tie it around my cell phone~

A couple of doors over was Lao Wang Noodle House and that’s where we had dinner:

Yeah, I know from the outside, the place doesn’t look fancy at all. But inside is actually pretty cozy, and the couple who run the restaurant make really good authentic, original, northern Chinese food such as noodles, pancakes, pasta, dumplings, etc. etc.

The place is small, nice, and clean, and cute!

Haha, playing goofy with my little boxing glove:

Appetizer and a cold plate: Kombu with homemade hot sauce (凉拌海带):

Woo hoo (*fanning myself*), it was SUPER hot! I had a feeling my lips grew so big because of the spicy! haha!

Mmmmm, Lao Wang’s delicious Beef Noodle Soup (红烧牛肉面)! He makes the noodle out of scratch:

… and, what’s this mysterious steamer?

Surprise! It’s Little Soup Dumplings (小笼包)! Oy, it was the best thing! I’m really glad Lao Wang knows how to make it!

Nothing comes between me and my 小笼包! LOL~~~

What a day!


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