Good Luck Chuck (2007)


I love Jessica Alba, and I love Dane Cook (from Employee of the Month), so this movie was a must-see for me.

Didn’t disappoint! Dane Cook was funny (and so “guy-next-door”!) and Jessica Alba was gorgeous! The story was about this guy who got a hex when he was little that he was not to find true love easily, because every woman that slept with him ended up marrying the next guy. So when he found this sexy, goofy, and funny girl who had a thing about penguins and full of bad lucks, he really wanted her to be the one. In order to test out the hex, he had to sleep with the most gross, over 300-pounds woman! So yeah, parts of the movie was yucky but that’s why it was funny too!

The ending was pretty predictable, but it was a good, laugh-out-loud flick. And it’s got some nudity so I bet any guy would love it! 😉

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