The Triplets of Belleville (2004)


My recent “French trance” and the film’s Academy Award Nominations led me to this animated feature. I would bet my friend Jessie who specializes in art would appreciate this much more than I do. Because it’s got some wacky animations, which I guess wins some imagination points.

The beginning was really good even though it was black and white. The animation was cute, the movement was smooth, the music was fantastic! The ending where the chase started was excellent as well. It was the middle part that lost me. One great thing was that although it was in French, there was hardly any dialog, the whole movie was easy to understand. Here’s the plot summary taken from

“This animated comedy film is from director Sylvain Chomet who takes the audience into the ’60s in France ~ orphan boy (Champion) is kidnapped by Mafia gangsters and held in Belleville ~ just before a bicycle race of Tour de France ~ a grandmother (Madame Souza) and his dog Bruno, with some help from a ’30s jazz trio are into the rescue, thus enters The Triplets of Belleville and the chase is on.”

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