Connie and Carla (2004)


I enjoyed My Big Fat Greek Wedding very much, which was written and starred by Nia Vardalos (pictured left). So when this second effort came out, I was sure to check it out. I have a vague recollection that I saw a little bit of it one time and couldn’t finish. Then I thought, oh maybe I didn’t understand it very well before and hopefully now I will. Just like with Chicago. Four years later, my taste changed… But no, I should’ve left this movie alone. It was a waste of my time. It’s far from classic, full of stupid jokes, it was just not fun!

The only good things were probably Toni Collette who was so great in acting (but her beyond ugly makeup was a real distractor!) and David Duchovny (the X-Files guy) who was a man’s man! Now I understand why everyone loved him even though he was not THAT good looking. But he’s got that killer charisma that when he stares at you, you just melt! This is so different from someone like Tom Cruise, who is absolutely handsome, but you just can’t love him because he’s so phony. Whereas Patrick Dempsey has the same quality as David Duchovny. No wonder he’s Mr. McDreamy, his eyes are just too dreamy!

Ok, how did I get sidetracked to guys? Anyway, I didn’t appreciate the fact that Nia used her “writer’s power” to recruite actors she wanted to act alongside with. The thought of her kissing David was just disgusting! Well, the result? She was totally overshadowed by the star power! Or, maybe her script was simply dumb!


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