It’s a really nice day today! We know it’ll be snowing tomorrow, so Allen and I moved our plan a day early!

We went to the Italian Buffet restaurant Cinzzetti’s. It’s up in the north and kind of far away from where I live, but everybody said we won’t regret going there, so I was determined to check it out.

Here we are:

It’s a huge restaurant! I’ve never been to a buffet so fun. It’s not a traditional buffet setting and layout. Instead, it’s like a marketplace where everything’s divided into sections. Here’s the meat section, there’s the deli section, over there is the salad bar, then the pasta section, pastry section, desserts section…. Too bad the waitress said it’s not kosher to take a lot of pictures because they’re afraid of the concept being stolen (*rolling eyes*). I still sneaked a couple of shots:

We were too hungry for everything, but still managed to get something to drink. I got the Italian Soda (Vanila flavor) and Allen got a Lemon Slushy:

More food… The waitress said nothing about taking pictures of my own food, right?!? (*wink wink*)

Ha. The soup really wasn’t as tasty as I made it out to be in the pictures:

By the time we got to desserts, we were both too full to describe (yet he still ordered oranged juice?!?). I tried to get every kind of desserts: Yogurt Parfait, Creme Puffs, Cannolis, Bread Pudding, Tiramisu, and Strawberry Creme Cheese Crepe.

There were so many different flavors of ice creme too but we were just too too stuffed for that!

Allen was too full to drive, I was too sleepy to care. lol~ So we stopped by his office which was not that far away and played Ping Pong for a little bit. The next picture was taken at the company’s cafeteria:

We later went to the Flat Iron mall because he had a $75 gift certificate to any shops in the mall. Plus it would be good that we were on our feet a lot which helped the digesting. We had a great time at a pet store checking out cute rabbits and naughty puppies. There was this little dog that was only 2, 3 months old, who was the most energetic dog I’ve ever seen! He was so little, yet full of fur, and was so round, just like a fur ball! He had this thing about people’s shoe laces and would chase around the little girl to bite her shoe laces and once the girl was trying to step out, he’d be barking! It was sooooooooo cute! Everyone went “awwww~~” 🙂

So Allen couldn’t decide what to spend his $75 on, and guess what? He ended up dropping it on an iPhone! A $75 gift certificate caused a $400 iPhone! What kind of deal is that?!? An iPhone! It’s an iPhone!

Talk about splurging!


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