The Aviator (2004)


The movie’s 10 minutes away from being 3 hours!! I guess I watched it because I wanted to know who Howard Hughes was. Leonardo DiCaprio did an OK job portraying the aviation hero and movie producer, who had a disease of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Which didn’t keep him from meeting all the great milestones he met. Including making the first million-dollar motion picture, being the fastest man on earth at one point, and designing the largest airplane in the world to date. According to the movie, people who are on the plane to fly from Los Angles to New York everyday have Howard Hughes to thank because he broke some kind of “Transcontinental air speed record.”

Anyway, the man was extraordinary and/but his mental and physical illness was eerie. He got gravely injured one time test flying a new plane that he basically started to go downhill from that day of the accident. But it’s because of his “pushing the limit” personality, that he is one of the biggest tycoons of the American history. When compared to figures like these, I feel I’m sooooo tiny, smaller than a grain of sand…..

Something worth noting: Cate Blanchette, who played Katherine Hepburn, did such a fantastic job to win an Oscar for best supporting actress. Although I never liked her before because she’s not attractive, I have to admit she’s a great actress!

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