I cannot believe I skipped work today to go shopping. Althought I bought nothing, lunch was good. And the most joyous of all was that when I returned home, I saw my long delayed package waiting outside the garage door. Finally! This is the best day!

Lunch was at Andre’s. This little Swiss Confiserie is famous for its uniqueness, pastry, and chocolates. They usually close on Tuesdays, so it was lucky that I came on a Wednesday.

Here’s the entrance with the address, so I won’t post a map this time:

They only serve lunch for a short period of time every day they open; and it’s always just two choices of food, usually one of them is vegetarian. But lunch includes the main dish, drink, and dessert. I had wanted to take pictures of their desserts/pastry counter, but was too shy (I’ve got to overcome that or I’ll never be able to take the pictures I want!).

The place is so cute and can always make you feel special. Even though it’s a week day, it’s full of customers – most of them are seniors. I got a chance to snap a shot at the corner of our table:

I should’ve taken this next picture at first when we sat down; but I forgot and didn’t take it until all the food was served, thus the dirty spots on the table cloth (*nervous smile*)

Andre’s iced coffee is the best iced coffee I’ve ever had, better than any professional coffee breweys! It’s rich, creamy, and non-sweet! Of course I like adding sugar in it, watching the sugar being absorbed into the foam made by the cream, then stirring the coffee with a spoon, hearing the sound of the spoon clanking with the glass and breaking the ice cubes, and lastly, enjoying the sight – and thought – of the sugar and cream diluted with the coffee! The whole process is enjoyable and the drink is delicious~

There’s always fresh flowers on the tables no matter what day of the year we visit Andre’s. Their home-made ice tea is really special too!

I got the beef tips lunch with rice, salad, bread and butter – just ’cause I had to have meat!

There was no other choice for DT but to order this cheese hot pocket kind of thingy with tomato and carrot salad. I had a taste of it, it was actually pretty good. Both the bread and cheese was baked to perfection!

The final course we’ve both been waiting for was of course the dessert tray. The waitress usually brings out a variety of pastries to choose from. I hate myself for being shy to take a picture and when the waitress told me I could, I took it so quickly it didn’t turn out to have everything included in the picture:

We had this cherry tart (the strawberry ones are better, though):

… and a Napoleon:

We did eat them too fast because they were so good~

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