VIP Harbor Seafood Restaurant

We read on the papers that this Chinese restaurant (贵宾海鲜酒家) has a new special: $20 Hot Pot (or Chinese fondue; 火锅) for two.

My mom and I wanted to go try it out and see if it really is enough food. Unfortunately, I got a sore throat today so we were forced to have a change of plan.

There still were a lot of lunch specials so this is what we got:

Steamed Fish. $6.99 It was OK, could’ve been more tasty…

Sweet and Sour Pork. $4.99 my mom swore the pork was overnight and then re-fried…

Beef Porrige $4.99 Where’s all the beef? At first we were wondering… Then we found tons of beef buried underneath, a little too much beef, we later thought…

So, I guess we were not as happy as we expected, but for an $18 lunch (with leftovers) plus tax and tips, it really wasn’t that bad. However, we probably could’ve gotten better food at some other Chinese restaurants for just a little bit more money…. I don’t know, I guess the conclusion is to not order cheap specials from VIP. Last couple of times we dined there it was better because it was more people, more food, more seafood

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