Sushi Den


If I had known we were going to Sushi Den tonight, I wouldn’t have gone to Sushi Heights and had crappy food (and service!) that other night.

Candy’s husband came so he treated all of us out to dinner and their son, Cheuk, picked Sushi Den. Well, they are kind of rich so I’m not surprised he picked such a high-profile restaurant.

(free calendar from Sushi Den)

As expected, the place was full of people. There was no parking and we had to rely on the valet. What got me was that we could not make a reservation earlier (some kind of stupid restaurant policy, I guess), and now we had to wait an hour and a half for a table of 7! It was chilly outside and I was wearing high heels! We pretty much sat on the bench outside and had nothing to do. Wing was sitting by me and I later showed her pictures from my camera…

Finally it was time to be seated. We got a table upstairs (didn’t know they had a second floor!). Cheuk made all the decisions on what to order. He must have been really experienced because he ordered the perfect quantity for the night and everything was pretty good (though I did not think their food was outstanding enough to justify the high price).

While waiting for the food, I took a picture of Candy and her husband (Mr. Zhen):

Then, it’s chow time! As always, salad and soup came first:

The salad dressing was too sour… not good. Then our first plate of sushi. Since I did not do the ordering, I don’t know the names of each and every thing, so I’ll just name the ones I recognize:

From the above picture, those two circled by seaweed were Lobster Tempura Sushi; the two to the left were Geoduck (象拔蚌) Sushi. They were both really good.

Then came two other apetizers which I had suggested – Fried Tofu (right) and Dynamite:

This is raw beef…. (yikes!) I didn’t understand why they were considered a luxury and thus priced so high, maybe because of the hype that the cows were shipped all the way from Japan every day:

The beef didn’t taste bloody (thank God) but I didn’t have another one ’cause I thought it was a little sour. I’d rather eat what’s next:

Unagi Rolls (Fresh Water Eel)!

Then more Sushi… The middle ones with avacado on top were special house rolls; and the left ones with some asparagus sticking out were beef (cooked! whew~) rolls which were surprisingly good!

That must have been Cheuk’s eager hands… haha!

A few more entrees were coming. The first one was the famous Kobe beef with Teriyaki sauce, and fried taros:

Mmmm, the beef was really good. Tasty and fattening!

Next entree: Grilled Black Cod:

It wasn’t as good as the one I had at Zengo’s, but good enough for Mr. Zhen and my dad to finish two bowls of rice!

The last entree: Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura:

For the longest time, I thought Tempura’s Chinese name was 甜不辣. But of course I made a fool out of myself. They had to correct me and told me it’s actually 天婦羅. Hey! I thought 甜不辣 was so much closer in pronounciation anyway!

As if all that was not enough food, we had to order desserts (of course!). I got ginger flavored ice cream (doesn’t seem like you can find this flavor in any other restaurants but Japanese):

Cheuk ordered Strawberry Shortcake. I joked how he was such a sissy, but he couldn’t care less! Look how yummy the cake is!

And Wing… haha, look at Wing:

She couldn’t wait to get started with the Tiramisu~~ Who wouldn’t?!?

It was reportedly listed as the best Tiramisu in town. I couldn’t tell as I didn’t get a taste… But that’s fine because I’ve had way too much food that I needed tonight! Nite Nite~~


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