Volver (2006; Spanish)


For the longest time, I thought the story of this movie took place in Mexico, for:
  • The dialog was in Spanish (The U.S. is so much closer to Mexico than Spain so I’m used to hearing Spanish and linking it with Mexicans)
  • I would think Spain would look much better than what’s captured on film. Or maybe it was just a poor town…
  • One of the characters in the movie who got cancer was talking about going to Houston for cures. Houston, TX is just right above Mexico but far away from Spain

The movie’s like any other award winning films: for the critics, not so much for the regular movie-goers. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing exciting either. It tells the story of a few women’s lives in this place called La Mancha of Spain. The two most apparent traditions there is: one, people kiss each other on the cheeks several times when greeting; two, the villagers are accustomed to clean and take care of their own gravestones long before they die. Lastly, I’m not sure if this is depicted in the film as a phenomenon, but two characters have killed other people and they were able to get away with murder, easily! Just bury the bodies and tell others that the person’s gone and not coming back! I sure hope it’s just fictious!


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