Big Fish (2004)


I had wanted to watch this movie not long after it came out, and later finding out that it was directed by Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd…). But I couldn’t make out what genre it was by looking at the cover and pictures on the back of the DVD. I knew Tim Burton’s films are different but this one just looked too different; I thought of it as a documentary and thus delayed watching it.

Tonight I finally did and it was…. wonderfully weird!

The only drawback was that it starred Ewan McGregor. How come Tim Burton didn’t ask Johnny Depp this time? lol~ Well, seems like any other actor would’ve been better. I don’t know why I don’t like Ewan, he’s not bad looking. Something about his smile and his shortened, smoked teeth, and his zits (how can they always be there?) that irritate me.

Look at his teeth!:

Also, I’ve had bad experiences with movies he starred in, such as Moulin Rogue, Down with Love, etc. None of those I finished. So I was actually surprised that Big Fish was so good. Anyway, back to his look. The more I looked at him, the more I think he looks like a combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hong Kong actor Gallen Lo (罗嘉良). Watch:
+ =

(1st pix: Arnold Schwarzenegger; 2nd pix: Gallen Lo; 3rd pix: Ewan McGregor)

Isn’t it so? haha~

Another funny party about Big Fish was when Ewan’s character needed to speak Cantonese to convince two Chinese singing girls to go to the war with him. His Cantonese was sooooooooo forced. He must have felt really awkward saying those sentences! lol~

Director Tim Burton’s imagination is so wild! This movie is like a circus full with fragments of imaginations. I’m looking forward to more brilliant works from him!

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