Ricky Martin Black and White Tour


People Magazine recommended this show so I checked out the DVD from the library. Ricky Martin was at his peak during the 1998 World Cup and was famous for shaking his “bom bom”. Maybe that and his self titled album back then being not my type, I did not care for him. His last English album “Life”, was much better, so I was not opposed to watching his concert.

It really isn’t bad. I’m surprised to see him move a lot. He’s a big guy but his moves are quite flowy, though not to compare with Michael Jackson. The show didn’t keep me in my seat because I was not familiar with his songs, not crazy about his voice or looks, and I felt weird watching other guys perform than Michael. So I finished the whole show, just not concentrated.

He changed a lot during the concert; the first few songs were the best – had the best costumes and dance routines. At one point he was performing this Indian-Middle East themed song and the girl dancers were fabulous (THAT’s what I mean! I like to see pretty girls with pretty clothes, not hunky guys with lots of hair and sweat!?! That made Michael an exception! 😉 There was one girl that dressed like a Thai with a big, heavy, golden head piece on top of her head, and ten really long and thin nail decoration thingys that made her fingers look like tree branches. Her dance was very folky. Then came Ricky Martin, wearing a wrap outside of his jeans. The image was funny, it reminded me of Leslie Chang, the famous Hong Kong actor/singer who was gay, and killed himself in 2004.

He did a lot of other stuff too, including playing the drums, flipping, showing off his tattoos (which I thought was drawn on) on the big screen. To do that, he totally undressed himself, but bent to conceal indecent parts, which still caused lots of screaming from the audience. How funny this is, I mean, if Michael were doing that, I would’ve screamed my lungs out! But because it’s Ricky Martin, someone I don’t care, it only made me want to scream “yikes!”~

But still, it made me realize how hard these people work to get fame; and it’s not just hard work, at times, they must sacrifice too (most of them, their privacy; and in this case, his body). They probably well deserve the money they make!


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