Hops Restaurant


Didn’t think New Year’s Eve would be so busy for this restaurant. We had to wait a little before being seated so I took a picture of their “Today’s Special” board:

The picture of the hallway didn’t turn out very good (’cause I did not want to use Flash light):

Their menu:

Mmmm, I’m so hungry…

Hops is famous for their honey butter croissants. No kidding, it’s REALLY GOOD! So crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! You can fit a whole one in your mouth with one bite and it’s sure to melt instantly! The tasty honey butter (I think there’s beer in it too as Hops is also a brewer for its own beer) just makes you even hungrier for more!!

Crab cakes for starters…

This Spinich and Pear Salad is new, with an appealing description; too bad it didn’t turn out as good as expected!

Clam Chowder soup

Lobster tail with drawn butter… YUM!~

In the middle of the dinner, I suddenly remembered I’ve been to Hops before. Not this particular location but the one near Colorado Mills Mall! How could I forget the huge brewing machine and the distinctive croissants?!

What’s for dessert? Heh heh, instead of ordering dessert, we asked for another plate of Honey Butter Croissant, I’m serious, it’s better than dessert! 🙂


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