Catch Me If You Can (2002)


This was one of 2002’s big films. I caught it in the theater too but was not able to understand most of it. Somehow I got ahold of the DVD when I visited China in 2004.

Today my mom wanted to see a good movie and I suggested seeing this together as it’d be good for me to revisit it; also, Chinese subtitles were available on the disc for her. It was such a long movie. Now several years later, I could understand it much better. However, the Chinese subtitles were pretty screwed up – half of them were so out of context! Other than that, the movie’s better than I rememebered. I loved how there’s a theme tune for when the police (played by Tom Hanks) shows up, you kind of know something’s going to happen…

Seems like Leonardo DiCaprio loves to do biopics. Titanic (although his character was made up, but the incident was history), Catch Me If You Can (portraying Frank William Abagnale, Jr.), and The Aviator (playing Howard Hughes) – the next film I need to see!

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