I Know Who Killed Me (2007)


I shouldn’t have watched it alone even in broad day light. The story was not bad but the movie’s got some disgusting scenes. It was a bit too long, but oh well, it was still worthy seeing Lindsay Lohan doing pole dance! Here’s the plot synopsis taken from Amazon.com:

“Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) was living the small town life, until the day she was abducted by a sadistic killer. After a frantic search, Aubrey turns up alive, but changed. She is missing limbs, but has gained a new personality – that of bad girl Dakota Moss. Her parents and the FBI think she’s suffering from delusions, but if Dakota is just a trick of her mind, why do strange wounds keep appearing on her body? Desperate and alone, Aubrey must now unlock family secrets to unmask a mysterious killer with a deadly obsession.”

The deadly obsession this guy had, grossly, was cutting people limb by limb while giving the victims drugs to force them to be awake (yikes!). It was painful having to endure the scences where the killer operated the cutting (my lord I was so tense and clenched my hands so hard!)
I guess the other good thing about the movie (or story) was that there were two layers of mysteries. The first was Aubrey/Dakota’s identity – were they the same people which means Aubrey was delusional? Or were they twins? The second was uncovering the truth about the killer. Too bad it didn’t elaborate on why the killer developed such a strange obsession, and in that sense, the movie ended a little too quickly.

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