Fairytale movies


It’s all Stardust’s fault! I had heard Stardust was similar to The Princess Bride so I was eager to check it out, without knowing it was a film done in the 80’s. I could barely sit through it. Not that it was bad, but since it was so old, the settings were fake (of course, there was barely any CGI 20 years ago!), the people were emotionless, the acting was dry…. I put it down after 20 minutes (still looking forward to read the book though! I had learned books are timeless~)

Since I was still in the fairytale mood, I decided to give Ella Enchanted, a movie I had heard about before but was not interested in watching, a shot, hoping it’d be comparable to Disney’s latest Enchanted.

The only good thing about it was the first 30 minutes, where there were some interesting actions at the kingdom’s shopping outlet. And, of course, Anne Hathaway. She really is a good actor (loved her The Devil Wears Prada), and sure sounds different than looks!


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