People who know me know I have a special love for chocolates. But never had I been so crazy as to buy so many different kinds of chocolates at one time! The more chocolates I taste, the better I know which kinds I like, and European chocolates are better than American ones, that’s for sure. Belgian, Swiss, French, and German chocolates are all very irrisitible.

My favorite ones are the Merci’s, minty chocolate truffles, Praline-filled chocolates… This year I’ve finally had the chance to taste See’s Candies’s Gouremet Lollypops. There are four flavors: Caffe Latte, Vanilia, Caramel, and Chocolate. I only had the first two but mmmm, they are both rich, silky smooth and make you want to have another one right away! The Caffe Latte one tasted a little bitter because it’s coffee so I think I liked the Vanilla one better.

Go figure, how many hours must I run on the treadmill to offset all the calories? (uh oh!)


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