Bath & Body Works’s scented body cream


Wow! This is the best sale ever in Bath & Body Works (that I’ve run into)! Usually those 8oz tube of body cream range from $9.5 – $11.5, but today, they are all $3 each!!! I love their products! They are always able to come up with fresh new scents and all of their scents have been great so far. Average $10 each is not too affordable, but $3? Heck, I’m picking up every scent I can find! And here’s the result (I laid all the ones I bought today out on the table at home ’cause I love checking them out!):

From left to right, back row to front row:

  • Coconut Lime Verbena (马鞭草)
  • Brown Sugar & Fig (无花果)
  • Juniper Breeze (杜松)
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom (日本樱花)
  • Pear Blossom (梨花)
  • Chocolate Amber (巧克力琥珀)
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar (香草红糖)
  • Velvet Tuberose (夜来香)
  • Tropical Passionfruit (热带西番莲)
  • Sheer Freesia (鸢尾科花)
  • Plumeria (鸡蛋花 – what a cute name!~)
  • Pink Grapefruit (西柚)
  • Exotic Coconut (椰子)
  • Sweet Pea (甜豆)
  • Cucumber Melon (青瓜)
  • Cherry Blossom (清香樱花)
  • Irresistible Apple (苹果)
  • Sea Island Cotton (海岛棉花)

Mmmmm, I even have a feeling that my blog is smelling good now! (heh heh~~) These will make for great gifts!


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