The Producers (2005)


Seems I’ve watched, or attempted to watch, a lot of movies lately. Yep, that’s about how it is when I get obssessed with something (Chicago). In some cases, being obssessed about something is a good thing, in other cases (and in this case), it’s not.

I watched several musicals recently and some of them really were a waste of time, namely, Moulin Rogue (don’t even know what the point is about the movie) and Annie (surprised that it was also directed by Rob Marshall, who is the director of Chicago).

I guess I still didn’t quit, and tonight, I watched The Producers.

The movie musical’s got some funny moments in it, and in some scenes, when there are dancers in glittering clothes dancing on the stage, it has a similar feeling to Chicago. The story was quite interesting: a Broadway producer, relying on his accountant, came up with the idea that under certain circumstances, they could earn more money making a Bradway flop than a hit. So the movie goes on telling how they found the worst play script ever and recruited the worst director and actors, trying to make a flop but the show turned out unexpectedly successful. Will Ferrel was in it and I laughed at his pretended German accent. Uma Thurman was the biggest surprise, her performance was fabulous! Great dancing and really funny swedish accent!

However, the film was way too long with lots of uncessary scenes and cheesy jokes. Even with some of the funniest moments here and there, by the end, it felt so dragging that I did not even sit through the special features which included some more deleted long scenes (thank God they were deleted!). I felt bad! The film’s got some great songs, good moves, nice costumes and setting, if only the editing (and, directing, maybe!) had been better….

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